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Brief User Guide for ''My Star Wallet''

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2 years ago

Every of us in crypto world are always worried about exchange hacks and loss of funds independently from our knowledge at least once. To overcome this bad situation, people/exchanges/communities created much more ''individually controlled'' wallets. Some of them are ''TrustWallet'', ''MyEtherWallet'', ''EnjinWallet'', ''AtomicWallet'' etc. Those are mostly the products of exchanges. In the crypto ecosystem, it's too hard to find to find that any token team produces its own wallet to store any kind of assets in secure way. Here I will show a new-generation multi-coin supported My Star Wallet, which is the latest product of GrafSound team. I've already written some words about GrafSound and their goals to overcome the recent problems on music world about 2 weeks ago in this article on readcash. In the 2-week period, the new product I realized and want to tell something about is ''My Star Wallet''.

Blockchain-based My Star Wallet is a powerful digital asset management tool which provides creation, addition, exchange, transaction and reception of digital assets (cryptocurrencies) in one of the easiest and the securest ways thorough focusing on great safety and security values. In addition to that, based on distributed blockchain technology, forming a diverse digital asset management function that can be used effectively across all applications(DApp).

MyStarWallet is safe and fast. Through the message window, you can easily send or receive electronic money smoothly. You can easily download and use the MyStarwallet mobile app to create your own token and get the most out of your e-asset management experience in just few clicks. So it provides ''One-Step Platform'' feature for ''multi purpose asset management''.

At MyStarWallet, anyone can issue their own ERC-20 token with the same features as ETH does. Artist, businessman, personal or any type of wallets can be created within some minutes and will be ready as soon as possible to use. Depending on the needs of each person, they can create their own token safely and quickly.
Apply this method to your marketing and business activities on their official website.

My Star Wallet is now available on GooglePlay to download. Also you can use the light version of MyStarWallet on browser. It's 2-step long to use it on web.

Firstly, you need to create to your own MyStarWallet.

Then back-up the ''12 seed words'' which will further help you to recover your wallet.

That's all! Now you can use it to send and receive GSMT and also for ETH.

Here are the main features of MyStarWallet listed:

-Adding new digital assets: Create new ERC-20 tokens and add existing tokens to the list of your favourites.

-P2P digital asset transfer between users: Send and receive tokens immediately while chatting.

-Exchange of digital assets: Exchange your tokens immediately while chatting.

(This three main features are exciting and I've never experienced yet. I'm ready to use it as soon as possible...)

-Digital asset security: Preserving electronic assets and personal information securely.

-Create community group: You will be able to promote tokens, exchange transactions, and share relevant information on your own community within the concept of GrafSound.

-Payment and Reward: Quick payment and bonus policy.

-Asset Management Settings: Easy and effective electronic asset management setup are main factor that users will need. It will also help them to track and view the latest price movements.

-DApp browsing: Flexible extension Dapp is one of the most important steps on the roadmap.

-Recommended system: Referral mode via linkcode will be included.

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2 years ago
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