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Why Did I Come Up With Establishing My Own Tutorial Sessions?

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1 year ago

When I'm still in High School especially during Senior High, I'm one of those students who used to be the assistant o our teachers. Helping them with every tasks that they need to accomplish like monitoring daily attendance, checking our major subject's modules, organizing activities inside and even outside the classroom, and many more. But, it's really okay since that those are my responsibilities as the class' Secretary (Grade 11) and Vice President during my Grade 12 days. In times of recitations, rreportings, and discussions, most of our teachers are asking me to lead those activities. So, i do it! I often volunteer to report first and then, my classmates will follow me. In addition, doing those things helps me to train my leadership skills and enhance my knowledge.

As I graduated in High School, I said to myself that it's okay if I got do those things in college. Because I know that I can benefit to it. When I enter college, I somehow became determined to stand up in front to talk and report. In that matter, I know that High School really trained me to do such tasks in a determined way.

I was in my first year of college year when the pandemic caused by Corona Virus started. It cause us to suspend classes and wait for further announcement on when classes will resume. As months passed by, me and our family experienced difficult problems related to financial aspects.

It was on the month of August when the collectors of the motorcycle we're currently paying came to our house to talk with my parents related to the bills we didn't be able to pay because of the pandemic. If the pandemic doesn't come, maybe we already finished on paying it. But, no! We need to pay for another year for us to finally own it. And before we start paying, we need to pay two thousand pesos (Php 2,000.00) first. Which is really difficult on our side since that Mom was the only one to work for us and her income is not that big to accommodate the bill we need to pay.

As a way to help my Mom in the bills, I offered a tutorial sessions which I called as "Tutorial @ Home!" Like many tutorials out there, the payment is also per hour.

And to be able to spread this, I decided to post it in our Community Group in Facebook which really helps me a lot.

Me and my Mom was really in deep need that time. Since that our Papa can't work due to his leg condition which unables him to work as it hurts everytime he walks and what more if he will drive his tricycle? So as I finished posting it, I even message the people that I know within our community to refer me to someone who's looking for a tutor. And, they said yes!

But, I didn't have client right after that. I waited for a span of two weeks to have my first client which is a girl who is currently on her fourth grade.

It was afternoon when we started the session and the first earning that I got was just a hundred peso (Php 100.00). Soooo little, right? But, I just look at it as a motivation to even strive more.

After that, I became regularly teach that kid. The second time that I teach her was on September 23rd to 25th, year 2020 and I earn a thousand. Soooo happy! In addition, her Mom also made a cake for me since that September 25th is my 20th birthday. Kyahhh!

After that, the tutorial sessions with that kid continue until now. As of this day, I already earned more than three thousand pesos (Php +3,000.00) and all of that were used to buy groceries, for me and my siblings' studies, and other stuffs at our home and that was just in one client.

Today, I already have three clients. One is a regular client and the other two are just during examinations. In total, I already earned more than four thousand. Not that big like other tutors earned but it's already big enough for me to support some expenses at home.

If you had read my previous article about my 2021 goals, maybe you'd remember that one o my goals is to have at least five regular clients on my tutorial sessions. And, yes! I'm really hoping for it to be accomplished. ❣️

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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Oh yes, you surely can. Just two more clients and with your dedication and motivation, there is no way you can't achieve that.

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1 year ago

Yes. I need to achieve it po. It's not just for me, but for our family's sake and success! :)

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1 year ago