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Studying in the middle of a global pandemic!

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1 year ago

Dreams- achieving it is the reason why we are very eager to finish our studies. But, there are many factors and challenges that hinders us to achieve it easily. Social status is one with the financial capabilities falling into it and also, don't forget the environmental factors such as our responsibilities at home. Perhaps, since we are born to be a "fighters", regardless of our age, genders, and even nationalities, we do our very best in order to attain what we wanna achieve so that we can be successful someday. Attending school needs money for us to comply in everything that the school has requires us to do so like passing such requirements, projects, paying school fees, and specially, our daily allowance. Take note that we, humans doesn't have the same economic and social status. Some came from priveledge families, but most came from unprivileged ones. Those who came from the "poor families" but has dreams in life are doing some works after attending their classes. In this aspect, they can help their parents or their family in supporting their school expenses. On the contrary, there are also some students who came from 'rich or average families' that are also considered as 'working student'. It is because some wants to be independent or just because of the reasons why students of poor families works. Our responsibilities at home as the child of our parents and being the sister or brother of the family was also one of the thing that even challenges our studies. It is because responsibilities at home came first before studying. Do household chores before reviewing and studying.

Even before the pandemic had started, this are the most known problems of our 'dreamers.' But, as the pandemic arises, it even challenged us. Pandemic causes the establishments to temporarily close to prevent the possible large infection due to virus. Because of this happenings, it affects the financial status of the ecomony and resulted to reduce the capabilities of the families to earn money for providing needs. A year before the virus was spread globally, we attend school and having a discussions face-to-face. But, to protect and keep us safe from being infected, we tend to study through online.

Everyone of either teachers or professors and the students was adjusting through this. Not everyone of us has the same abilities in using the technologies, so we really need to adjust and teach ourselves. Level of understanding and learning was reduced as students was more on receiving tasks and activities to do, instead of being learned. We do task to comply in order to not have failed grades, not to learn. Due to the existing effects of the pandemic, most are experiencing sortness of finances. We need money to support the allowance for internet.

I, myself is also a student. A college student, specifically. I also experienced being sort for the allowance that I need in supplying my internet connection, since that my family doesn't have the capabilities to get a better internet connection through having a Wi-Fi. In order to help them in our school expenses, I applied for several scholarships and I am blessed to have two o it. These scholarships are a very big help to me and my parents. I tend to support my daily allowance and even my siblings'. In this way, the expenses of my parents was being reduced. But the allowance from my scholarships was not enough, so while I was waiting for another set of allowance distribution, I tutor some elementary students to help my parents in financing ou daily expenses at home. Yes, it is tiring but I am just telling myself that it is for my and my family's growth and successful. All of the hard work, sacrifices, and tiring moments will all be change in a relaxing one!

Like what I have said, we are born to be a "fighters." A fighters who will fought for our dreams, in all costs. Dreams? For me, I will use this one as my inspiration to be successful. Successful in a way that I can help the people around me to be also successful. Also, to improve and nourish my self as a better human being. Because being successful socially and economically but the self wasn't nourished, is not successful at all.

Achieve our dreams not just for ourselves to be successful, but also to be able to help more people to be successful like us. 🧡

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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