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My 2021 Goals

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1 year ago

Hiiiiii! It's me again, imafutureagrcltrst. So, after a long time since the last time I wrote an article and being inactive here in, I decided to wite another one. This time, I'm gonna share the goals that I want to achieve this 2021. And, here it goessss!

Last year, I became enable to list down goals that I really want to achieve before year 2020 ends. But, not all of those were accomplished. And, here are those goals that I's accomplished:

  1. Fully pay my laptop's balanced.

  2. Start my own tutorial sessions within our community.

  3. Enter life in online selling.

  4. Open my own bank account.

  5. Be an Academic Scholar of our College.

As another year had opened for all of us, I had list another set of goals. This time, I will really do everything for me to turn all those goals into realty.

  1. Buy my own printer.

    -Since that the education system today was done through online classes, laptops, phones, and a printer are really important. As I have a laptop and a phone, I'm looking forward to buy a printer for my and my sibling's studies. It will be a really big help for me as I'm not a fan of reviewing without a paper on my hands.

  2. Buy new phone for me and my brother.

    -The phone that I have right now is not the high technology and we're already near two-year old. Due to that, I already have encountered many problems with it. With the fact that I really need it for my studies, I'm already saving for it. Meanwhile, as a birthday gift for my younger brother, I'm planning to buy a new phone for him even just those inexpensive one.

  3. Start printing business at home.

    -After I have my own printer and to have another means of saving money, I will immediately start a printing business here in our community. Aside from printing, maybe I could also offer some services related to it such as making invitations, photo printing, and more.

  4. Start a small baking business with Papa.

    -My Papa is a baker for more than two decades and it's the primary source of our living for also more than two decades. As of that, me and my Papa we're already planning to start a baking business here in our community. But because we do not have enough equipment and capital to start it, it was not accomplished. Now that I can already make money on my own, maybe I can do something with it. But first, I need to collect tools and equipment as well as to save money for it.

  5. Finance my Papa's, Mama's, and my siblings' birthdays.

    -Last year, I became enable to finance the birthdays of our family members but just with simple dishes. In this year, I'm already planning to improve our birthday celebrations even just at home wherein I will be the one to finance it again. Before, I could only buy ingredients for either 'sopas' or 'pancit' (both a famous Filipino dishes). Now, I'm looking forward to buy a cake for them with another sets of delicious dishes.

  6. Have five or more regular clients on my tutorial sessions.

    -As of now, I already have two regular clients and they we're both in primary level which is known as 'elementary.' In this year, I'm established a quota of five before the year ends and wishing for it to happen as it can be a new source of my savings.

  7. Deposit at least seven thousand (Php 7,000.00) on my bank account before this year ends.

    -I've seen this kind of 'ipon challenge' in FaceBook and I was also encouraged to dot it too. Every month, the amount of money to be save was increasing and increasing. According to the one who made that challenge, one can be able to save less than seven thousand in the whole year. As of now which is already two months since I started it, I now have more than one thousand five hundred pesos (Php 1,500.00). Looking forward for more of it!

  8. Be a Academic Scholar for this whole academic year.

    -As an eldest child of my parents, it's also my responsibility to help them in our financial expenses. And as a way to help them, I'm striving real hard to get scholarships. Being one of our university's scholar, it is already a big thing.

  9. Finish paying Papa's motorcycle.

    -Its been two years since our parents decided to get a motorcycle which is basically to be paid every month for a cost of less than two thousand pesos. Before the pandemic had started, my Papa and Mama are the ones who pay it. But due to the pandemic and the condition that our Papa we're into right that makes him unable to go to work, me and my Mama are the ones who's making a way to pay it. As of now, we just need to pay for ten months and then, we can have it on our own. And, here we are. Striving real hard to get it done and hopefully, we will.

  10. Earn thousand pesos on my and accounts.

    -As long as I became a user of this two platforms, I become very eager to earn higher than now. But, I will not make it happen just by creating posts and articles that lacks in substance and was just all for money. I will create one that I know that can also inspire more people and make them happy, as well.

Hope that I could achieve all of these goals. Fighting, self! FIGHTINGGGGG.

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Written by ย ย 6
1 year ago
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Wow. That's a lot of goals! I'll be rooting for you on your way to achieving it! Fighting! Also, you're so responsible. I can see that you're a good daughter to your parents and a good ate to your siblings! :)

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1 year ago

Ah! Thank you so much po for supporting and believing on me. :)

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

Fight lang nang fighttttt! ๐Ÿ’›

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1 year ago