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How do I spread BitCoin Cash awareness?

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1 year ago

Hi, everyoneeee! It's me again, your future Agriculturist. After some weeks of being inactive here in, I'm gonna write an article about the BitCoin Cash itself.

The truth is, I'm not really aware of what they call 'Bitcoin Cash.' Until, one of my closest friend since high school introduced it to our circle of friends through our FaceBook messenger group chat. According to her, we can earn through writing articles and posts in both and as another users will give tips and upvotes to our published posts and articles. At first, I do really hesitate a lot in joining this kind of so-called 'blogging.'

But as I see her 'mydays' on her FaceBook account showing how she earns through these platforms, I got encouraged to also do what she is doing to earn. I decided to asked her how and what is that she was posting on her 'mydays.'

This is when I asked my friend on what she is posting on her 'mydays'.
Our conversation wherein she guides me on how to use

She guide me on how to earn through Bitcoin Cash, how to see my earnings through mobile applications like and and more. Also, she notifies me everytime that there were contests in and for me to get earnings.

She told me on how I can see my BCH earnings through application.

I started to use and also pu lished an article on that same day. I got encouraged more until I enjoyed using it. My first $1 earning is when I joined a contest of @Eirolfeam2.

In that time, I decided to also invite my friends on using it.

I asked one of my closest friend on using what our friend are telling to us, which is

As I know that they weren't also aware on what is BCH really is and on how to earn through it, just like me in the start. So that I can also share to them the blessings that I am getting through this wonderful platforms and also with BCH. I told them the benefits and help that I am getting trough it just like how much I earned in just the span of three weeks and how it lessen my expenses for my weekly load. Aside from lessening my load expenses, I am having a savings as a use and put my supposedly allowance for load in my 'piggy bank!'

I told hecthe benefits that I get in just posting and writing an article for and!

Yes, my friends still don't use it but I still encouraged them to. Maybe, they just need more time and talking to finally join me in earning BCH through!

Aside from inviting my friends, I also sometimes open this kind of topic with my relatives since that I can't tell it to my parents since that they weren't that 'techy' and that my siblings are too young. I invite them verbally, but maybe because they were too focused on they children, they still do not use it as a chance. But, I do still look forward in the time that I can earn with them! 💛

I do also hope that Ms. @Meshal will see this article of mineeee! ❣️

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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Are you Reiko? Sinu-sino kayong nagkakabarkada dito? Just curious😆

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1 year ago

Haha nope. I'm friends with Carisdaneym2! She's the one who encouraged me to join here. 🧡

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1 year ago