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Happiness is what a 'good life' really means to me!

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1 year ago

To have a good life is one of our top wishes. Everyone of us has our own understanding on what a 'good life' means. According to some experts like Aristotle, having a good life is not based on having material things nor wealth. It is all about us having and doing things that makes us happy. Such things that makes us happy are when we received genuine love from the person we loves and having a joyful moments with them. Happiness will also achieved upon gaining respect from other people and in giving it genuinely to other individual or group of people. Since that I came from an unprivileged family, this meaning of 'good life' is what I believed on. Eating altogether with just an ample amount of foods, watching movies and sharing simple snacks as our bonding, attending school regularly with high or passing grades which makes ou parents happier, being safe and healthy, and keeping our family in a tight and strong bond are what really matters to us and what makes me happy. I believed in the quotation 'money can't buy everything.' Why? It is because it states a fact that money really can't buy everything such as the genuine happiness and love. Yes, we can get the material things that we want like luxuries. We can also be happy through this certain things, but will this things really makes us happy? Or it was just a simple way for us to cope with something, going on what is in now, or just to boost our self? Either ways, material things or receiving genuine feeling like love from other person will really make us happy or even happier. But for me, staying with my family and being safe and healthy with them, sharing joyful moments, and for us be successful is what 'good life' really means. And not by having a huge amount of money in our pockets or bank accounts, jewelries, number of properties like cars, houses, and lots, and other luxuries! Wealth won't define good life, happiness will.

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