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Travel to the beauty of the city of Istanbul

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Imagine you are sitting on the balcony of a Marmaris hotel. The unobstructed beauty of the Marmara Sea in front. If you have a cup of coffee in hand, the time will not cut you badly. Or suppose you are walking very early in the morning along the banks of the Basbaras, which is full of sparkles of beauty. Observing a heavenly beauty created by mixing nature and artificiality. Launches, small steamers and large cargo ships float over the city, enjoying the soft open air of the Basbras. Nearby is the Asia-Europe connecting Fatih Sultan Muhammad Bridge. If the beginning of the day is like that, then who doesn't like it!

The unparalleled beauty of Basbaras;

I am talking about Istanbul, a beautiful fairytale city rich in history and tradition. Istanbul can be called by many names. The gateway to Europe, the intercontinental city, the largest city in Europe, the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, and so on. What is not in Istanbul! Europe on one side and Asia on the other. The basbaras method is flowing in the middle. The blue waters of the Basbaras and the beauty of its two shores will fascinate any travel thirsty. Basbaras is the main source of beauty in Istanbul. Besides, there is the Sea of Marmara to enjoy the beauty in leisure time.

The view from both sides of the Basbaras is as beautiful as the picture. The beauty of the small red-roofed houses built in the style of Europe will fascinate you. In particular, there are many installations that are directly related to history. Historic monuments from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires will catch your eye. Istanbul has two eye-catching bridges running parallel to the Basbaras to connect the Asia-Europe border. One is the Basbaras Bridge and the other is the Fatih Sultan Muhammad Bridge.

If you travel by car from the European part of Istanbul over the bridge to the Asian part, you must pay the toll. But if you enter the European part from the Asian part, you do not have to pay any toll.

Istanbul is a dream destination for tourists. There is a lot of known and unknown history and culture hidden in the food, starting from every architecture of this city. Istanbul is an ideal city for refreshing the body and mind. This vibrant city has all kinds of entertainment.

The Basbaras Bridge connecting Asia and Europe;

Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world. Prior to 1930, the city was known as Constantinople. Earlier, the city was known as Byzantium. It was the capital of the Byzantine Empire, then the most powerful civilization in the world. In 1553, Sultan Muhammad Fatih declared Istanbul the capital of the Ottoman Empire after defeating Byzantium, the most powerful civilization of the time.

The name Byzantium is thought to have come from the city of Megara, after the Greek leader Byzantium. According to legend, the Greek leader Byzas captured the peninsula from the Christian Thracian people. He then built the city as the capital in 657 BC. The city was destroyed by the Romans in 196 during a civil war. The Roman emperor Septimius Severus later named the city after his son, Augusta Antonia. Then in 330 AD, Constantine the Great declared the city the capital of the Byzantine Empire and called it the New Rome. The name of the city continued to be mentioned in the coins as Byzantium until Emperor Constantine ordered it. About a thousand years later, the city was renamed Constantinople after Emperor Constantine.

Until 1923, Constantinople was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1923 and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, its capital was moved from Constantinople to Ankara. By far it is the largest city and major commercial center in Turkey. The city is also important internationally as it is located across Europe and Asia.

Istanbul has Ottoman and Roman mosques, churches and historical sites. The largest and most beautiful mosque in Turkey is the Sulemaniya Mosque. Seen from a distance, it looks like a beautiful crown on seven hills. Many of the mosque's ancient buildings have been restored and are now being reused, like a complex built over a large area.

Topkapi Palace;

Hagia Sophia is one of the historical monuments in Turkey. Originally it was established as the Orthodox Church. The Ottomans then converted it into a mosque after conquering Constantinople. Named 'Imperial Mosque'. At the time, the Imperial Mosque was known as the largest mosque in Turkey. In 1935, Mustafa Kemal Atatুrk converted the mosque into a museum that still exists.

We have all heard the name of the Ottoman ruler Sultan Suleiman. The residence of Sultan Suleiman was Topkapi Palace. Until 1410, his family lived in this palace. We are fascinated by the beauty of this palace on TV and no one can understand how beautiful it really is. This palace is basically divided into four parts. The first part has a parade court and a church called Aya Irani. In the second part there is a beautiful park where only Sultan Suleiman and his mother had access. In the third part there is the royal treasury and meeting room of the Sultan. In the fourth part various arrangements were made for the entertainment of the Sultan. Gardens, pools and terraces will catch the eye.

There are probably very few people who have not heard of the Grand Market in Turkey. This colorful and busiest market has been known to everyone for centuries as the heart of Istanbul. It was a small warehouse during construction in 1455. And now there are more than four thousand shops in 61 lanes. If you walk through its main gate, you will see several ancient hotels where you can see the fine work of the craftsmen. Every shop here is decorated with brightly colored lights. Almost all kinds of accessories are available. A royal look can be clearly seen in everything.

The Pera Museum in Turkey is a unique specimen of Turkish art. In this museum you will be fascinated by the various arts painted by Turkish artists. Many pictures from the private collections of Turkish artists Suna and Ian Kyras are housed here. These paintings were originally painted between the 17th and 20th centuries.

Blue Mosque on the banks of the Basbaras;

There are several roads along the Bosphorus Strait that are known as 'The Bosphorus Strait'. There is no better place to enjoy beauty. And if the time is twilight, then there is no word. When you look from one continent to another in the red light of twilight, you may think that this is why the empires have repeatedly chosen this city as their capital.

Istanbul is the capital of the province of Istanbul. It is run by a metropolitan municipality. Istanbul is the headquarters of 39 districts in the province. The government is represented by a mayor and multiple councilors, who are directly elected by the people for five years. Present in the city of Istanbul The population is about 1 crore 55 lakhs. The city of Istanbul, with an area of 5,343 square kilometers, has a population density of about 3,000 people per square kilometer. Like the whole of Turkey, the lion's share of Istanbul's population is Muslim. About 98.3 percent of the population is Muslim by birth. Although the people of this region pay less attention to religion than other countries, the pride of religious tradition exists in everyone. Most people live a secular life with a European ideology.

Istanbul is the most prosperous and economically important administrative region of Turkey. Istanbul's total GDP is about 245 billion US dollars and per capita income is about 17 thousand US dollars. Istanbul is the 29th largest economy city in the world.

Istanbul Airport is the largest airport in the world. The airport was inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 29, 2018, the 95th Republic Day of Turkey. At present, it has the capacity to transport 15 million passengers annually and in the future it will have the capacity to transport 20 million passengers annually. The airport is located on 76 million square meters of land. When fully operational, 250 planes will fly to 350 destinations every day. The terminal at Istanbul Airport will also be the largest terminal in the world.

Istanbul Airport;

Istanbul's progress in education is enviable. Istanbul University is the oldest educational institution in Istanbul, founded in 1453. There are over five thousand schools in the Istanbul metropolitan area alone. There are about 38 public and private universities. There are also numerous colleges, madrasas and religious educational institutions.

The city of Istanbul has been devastated by earthquakes, attacks, attacks and wildfires. However, all these signs of disaster are about to disappear. Even then, countless monuments are still visible in the streets of the city. The roads have been widened, the houses have been rebuilt, everything has a touch of modernity, but the city has not been able to completely shake off the old and ancient traditions.

The defensive walls of Istanbul are still fully visible. The main wall separating the peninsula from the mainland was attacked only once. The wall was severely damaged by a cannon fired by Sultan Muhammad Fatih during his defeat of the Byzantines in 1453. This wall is one of the most impenetrable walls in the world. At 30 feet high, the wall is about 16 feet thick.

Every year, more than 5 million tourists from all over the world flock to Istanbul, a city of tradition and civilization. The tourism industry is one of the largest sectors of the Turkish economy. In 2019, the Turkish government earned. 34.5 billion from the tourism sector alone.

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