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The story of some of the most famous rivers in the world

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Another name of Padma river is Kirtinasha. King Rajvallabh's fame was washed away by the breakage of the Padma. This name from then on. However, the story of the erosion of the Padma or the life on the banks of the Padma first comes up in Manik Bandyopadhyay's novel 'Padma Nadir Majhi'. The tides of the Padma, the joys and sorrows, the way of life all come up with the story of Kubera's life. Although the widely discussed and popular novel was written on the banks of the Padma in Bengal, the stories of river banks around the world are also close. Sometimes an ethnic town, sometimes an industrial city, sometimes a river is just for animals.

As the river moves at its own pace, the story of change is written in every wave. Writes new reforms, sometimes or even breaks old reforms. However, there is no doubt that there is no comparison of the river behind the development of modern society. Sometimes a river has taken a country to an important position, sometimes a river has become the sorrow of a country. This event is about the story of some of the most important, ancient and longest rivers in the world.

Sepic River (Papua New Guinea)

The landscape of the Sepic River;

The Sepic River, which flows through Papua New Guinea, is the longest river there. The river originated from the Victor Emanuel Range in the country's Central Mountains. The Sepic River flows like a snake like the Amazon River. Bismarck ended up going to sea. The total length of the Sepic is 1,126 kilometers or 700 miles. The villages of various indigenous peoples built on the banks of the river are said to be the most peaceful settlements in the world till date.

Mississippi Missouri (North America)

Mississippi Missouri flows like a snake;

The Mississippi Missouri is the longest river in North America and the fourth longest in the world. Length 2,320 miles or 3,730 kilometers. Mississippi originates from Lake Itanaska; Ends in New Orleans (Gulf of Mexico). Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

By 1820, steamboats were popular on the river. Wood, food, cotton and other commodities were brought and taken through this river. But after the arrival of the railway in 1880, the value of steamboats began to decline. In the year 1920, it came to a standstill. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Volga River (Russia)

Aerial view of the Volga River;

The Volga is said to be the longest river in Europe. However, the country of the continent through which the Volga flows, Russia, however, refers to it as the most important river in their country. Volga has found its way through a total of 11 of Russia's 20 major cities, including the capital, Moscow. After descending 3,645 kilometers or 2,225 miles down the mountain in Moscow's Valde, the Volga stopped at the Caspian Sea. Although the Volga River freezes and freezes for three months of the year due to severe cold, it is still very important for Russia's inland shipping and transportation.

Zambezi River (Africa)

The Zambezi River flows through the foothills;

The Zambezi is the fourth longest river in Africa. It is 3,540 kilometers (2,200 miles) long. Born in a black swamp in southwestern Zambia, Zambezi has been touring Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe's Mozambique and again Zambia. Finally met in the Indian Ocean. The famous waterfall Victoria is associated with Zambezi. Victoria is listed as one of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

The Zambezi River is home to many species of animals. This river can be called a hippopotamus sanctuary. There are only a few species of crocodiles. There are hundreds of species of fish. This river has the wildest shark bull shark. Fishermen in the river are often attacked by these sharks.

Mekong (China to Cambodia)

The name of the river is Mekong;

The length of the Mekong, the 12th longest river in the world, is approximately 4,350 kilometers, or 2,703 miles. Starting in the floodplain of Tibet, the Mekong River flows through China's Yunnan Province, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. It is difficult to navigate the river due to excessive change of course of the river in different seasons and multiple waterfalls.

If a river is more self-sufficient in biodiversity than the Amazon, it is the Mekong. However, the first dam built on the river in China has threatened several marine animals such as dolphins and manatees.

Ganges (India)

Ganges in India;

Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Ganges flows into the Bay of Bengal through the Sundarbans. Its main tributary is the Padma, which is the second longest river in Bangladesh. The Ganges is a sacred place for Hindus. They believe that life cannot be fulfilled without taking a bath in this river. They float the ashes of their loved ones in the Ganges. Historically, the Ganges is also quite rich. Over time, several cities, ports and towns have sprung up on the banks of the Ganges. Not only that, the Ganges is said to be the purest river in the world.

Nile River (Africa)

Blue river;

The longest river in the world is this famous blue river. Starting from East Africa, it traveled 6,650 kilometers or 4,132 miles and stopped in the Mediterranean. The Nile has two tributaries. One is a white blue river, the other is a bluish blue river. The bluish Nile River originates from Ethiopia's Tana Lake. On the other hand, the White Nile River originates from the Great Lakes of Central Africa.

The Nile River has made significant contributions to Egyptian culture. The soil here has become fertile due to the Nile River. Because once a year the Nile floods because of the river. As the water recedes, silt remains, which plays a major role in the production of various crops, especially wheat.

The people of ancient Egypt considered the Nile to be part of their spiritual life. Pharaoh kings were thought to control the flow of the Nile.

Amazon (Brazil)

Aerial view of the Amazon River;

The 4,000 mile long Amazon River is the second longest river in the world. Although slightly shorter in length than the Nile, the Amazon is best known for its biodiversity, tributaries, and one-fifth of the world's freshwater resources.

This huge river has crossed Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. There are at least 3000 species of fish in this river. Many more new species have been named in scientists' research books. The Amazon is one of the places where dolphins live in the river, along with the Orinoco River.

The average length of an Amazon river dolphin is 8 feet and a half. Along with the ferocious bull shark, the piranha fish is another ferocious aquatic animal of the Amazon. Although several species of piranhas have been found to have attacked humans so far.

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Written by   73
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Topics: Travel, Natural, History
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