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Some misconceptions about Christmas

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Christmas is almost here. At the same time, our misconceptions about Christmas have resurfaced. We know a lot about Christmas and most of them are true. But that is not all. Today's event is about the misconceptions we have about Christmas for years!

‘X’ means Jesus Christ

The letter ‘X’ does not refer to Jesus;

We often write ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘Happy Xmas’ in English. Why is such an 'X' used in Christmas spellings? Didn't such a question come to your mind as a child? Many view it as a sign of Jesus Christ. But the reality is completely different. The word Christmas in Greece is called Christos (χριστος), which begins with a letter that looks like X. And from there, Xmas has been shortened to Christmas.

Christmas and Christianity have spread all over the world together

Yes, Christmas and Christianity are intertwined. This does not mean, however, that Christmas has been practiced since the beginning of Christianity in the world. Many believe that paganism has replaced Christianity, festivals, and holidays with Christianity. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing. Christianity came to earth long before the birth of Jesus Christ. The opinion of many Roman writers is found in this regard.

Everyone at that time was more worried about death than celebrating someone's birth. So even before Christmas, days like Easter Sunday and Good Friday are celebrated. The issue of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in the year 200 AD comes up. In an Egyptian writing, the date was May 20. The birth of Jesus Christ began on December 25, in the middle of the fourth century. And as the 18th century approached, the matter came to its present popularity.

Christmas is celebrated with the pagan festival in mind

Many people think that Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December, the day of Dakshinayan, thinking that the followers of the pagan religion can also take part in the festivals during the pagan festivals. But history does not say that. The pagans of Christianity did not want to make any festival their own. Rather, the pagans have tried their best to stay away from religion. At some point, however, some aspects of pagan culture gradually shifted to Christianity. But that is not before the 12th century. So, now the question is, why is Christmas celebrated on December 25?

If the pagan religion is not followed, then what is the reason for celebrating 25th December? According to the Roman calendar, Jesus came into the womb on March 25 and was crucified on March 25. And exactly nine months later, on December 25th. The calculation is simple!

Three wise men

Three wise men;

One of the most famous things about Christmas is the Three Wise Men, who follow the stars in the sky and go to Bethlehem in search of Jesus Christ. Although the Bible does not say so, Matthew (2: 1-12) says something about it. It says of the wise man, "Who or what seeketh to seek Jesus." Later the mother sees the baby Jesus with her and gives him gold, incense and myrrh. Here, however, he did not speak of three wise men or of asking their king to ride a camel. But all this but we keep saying every year when Christmas comes!

Lots of trees are cut down at Christmas

We all think that Christmas means cutting down trees and arranging them. And so many trees will be cut down and arranged for Christmas. The environment will be harmed. Is that really the case? Not at all! There are two types of trees that people use at Christmas. One is a real tree, the other is a fake. Those who use real trees want to celebrate Christmas well. And those who use artificial trees, they want to keep the environment good. But is it really a gain or a loss? Absolutely not.

Christmas tree;

One thing to keep in mind is that the real trees that are used for Christmas are not cut down from the forest at all. On the occasion of Christmas, they are planted and enlarged a few months ago, so that they can be used for Christmas. They do not have much of an impact on whether the environment is good or bad. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. There is no point in buying a tree every year. Fake trees do not perish. So if it is the case that a tree is being bought for Christmas and is being used until it is ruined, then it is possible to make real use of it.

Jesus birth scene

The birth scene of Jesus Christ;

There is a lot of talk about the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ always shines in the midst of our thoughts, our drawings, our descriptions - angels, wise men, shepherds and many more. But in reality no evidence of such a thing is found. Luke and Matthew - If we really agree with these two, their descriptions were never the same. Matthew speaks of wise men. On the other hand, Luke talks about the shepherd. There were also sheep and angels. But the funny thing is that these two groups have never met together. Luke and Matthew are described separately in their descriptions. Bulls and donkeys have been found everywhere who have worked on birth scenes, which are never mentioned in the Bible.

Santa's strong deer

Mushrooms that bring the imagination of flying deer;

It is said that the character Santa Claus came from St. Nicholas. Can St. Nicholas and the Balga deer have a relationship? In fact, the whole matter of the deer came from the Siberian magic mushroom or Amanita Muscaria. Playing this mushroom caused a lot of drowsiness in people, causing hallucinations. As a result, they used to see the deer flying around in the sky at that time. I used to imagine that Santa came with such a deer at Christmas and went away with all the gifts.

Thanks for reading this article for so long.

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Written by   73
1 year ago
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