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How was electricity discovered?

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In exchange for thousands of electric shocks,

The frogs that played a role in the discovery of electricity,

We will not forget you, we will not forget you. "

A doctor in the city of Bologna, Italy. As a child he wanted to be a pastor. But it could not happen due to the pressure of home. Unable to do so, he became a doctor. Doctors do all that work all day. And to cut what you get in front of your hands. Insects, frogs, and even the human body do not leave. Let me say the name - Luigi Galvani.

One day a frog bit him and left him on the table. One of his assistants inadvertently touched the frog's legs while moving it with a picture. The dead frog woke up suddenly (legs trembled). She is terrified. Galvani quickly called and brought him. Touched with a knife, the same ghostly thing happened again. This ghostly thing seemed to get Galvanic. Since then, there is no escape from the number of dead frogs he has found in his life. So I wrote three lines of dissonant songs with love above. Honestly, the contribution of these frogs is no less.

However, in those days there was an idea called static electricity. Earlier, Benjamin Franklin and William Gilbert proved the existence of electricity in magnetism and lightning. If the idea about this was just a floating idea on top of rubbing different metals and substances. At first he thought his house had a static electricity generator, so he went a little and thought the frog's legs were dancing. But it was seen that the iron shackles of the garden were hanging outside and it jumped in the same way as soon as it was touched.

Then he changed his mind and said, "Lightning flashes in the sky and because of this there is always some electricity floating in the air and they have accumulated in the body of the frog." If it is scattered with a metal object, the electricity comes out and the foot jumps in it.

But like Galvani, it doesn't last long. He put a brass hook through the frog's spine and pulled it with the garden's iron railing. While doing various experiments, at one point he took the remaining two heads of metal and covered the body of the dead frog with the railing. The same thing happened again. The test was brought into the house from outside but a result was found.

Not a matter of wind. The fact is that only when two different metals touch the bank does electricity come out of the frog's body. Even then, Galvani did not fully understand the matter. He was a doctor man. He did not have much skill in physics. Like static electricity, there is an electricity inside the frog's body called bio-electricity. It comes out of the body.

But Galvani unknowingly invented the first man-made electric battery and electric current. Which can be moved from one place to another. And two different metals attached to the body of the frog are giving evidence of electric current. The frog muscle frowned. This is how electricity is really generated.

But the matter was not made clear. Fifteen years after its discovery, Alexander Volta, a physicist from the same country (Italy), may have wondered. At first Galvani agreed. But then he invented an electric measuring device and went to experiment with it and saw that frogs are not really necessary for generating electricity. Instead, use any wet thing. We are familiar with Voltaire unicellular electric batteries. Volt batteries are made by simply adding two different metals to a solution of sulfuric acid. At present we can make large electric cells. Volta was then possessed by the ghost of making batteries, he began to experiment in various ways, and human civilization went one step further.

But history has not forgotten them. Kirtiman will be immortal forever. From the name of that scientist came galvanic electricity which we know as moving electricity. No need to talk about Voltaire anymore. Everyone who talks about science is familiar with Volt. Which is a unit of electric potential. We are familiar with the galvanometer which is named after Galvani. I don't think they have ever imagined that their discovery would take human civilization to a unique height. According to Mark Twain:

"When the imagination is out of focus, you can't just rely on the eyes."

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Written by   73
1 year ago
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Special thanks to that guy who made everything easier and handy. I couldn't imagine a life without electricity in this generation. 😅

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