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How to travel the world with a sponsor?

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4 months ago

Wait a minute, do you think someone will sponsor you just to get around? Did you come to read the article in that hope? But sorry, you're going to be a bit disappointed. But new hope must arise if you read the whole.

Well, why does the government give money to a doctor who has passed the BCS exam? Is it just to stay in the hospital? Or for what he does in the hospital, that is, for the treatment of the patient? Just like that, no one will pay you for a lazy trip just for the sake of vacation, unless you can make the most of that trip!

The sponsor will give you money only when both parties win by traveling, that is, you will also win, they will also 'gain'! How can the profit be now? The calculation is very simple. Their invested money is being spent in a good effort and at the same time it is also playing a positive role in the banding of the company / product, this should be confirmed by your travels. Anyway, today's article is about how to get a sponsor and how to proceed.

Think from the sponsor’s point of view

Suppose someone asks you for money. Now you must know or understand why you give him the money. At the same time, if you are a commercial donor, you must first know how much you will benefit from this help. Isn't it? This is exactly what your potential sponsor thinks. So reassure him and present to him an idea that you can reach out to a wider range of society.

Now let's make it clear. Suppose you spell a blog or blog or write in a magazine. Now the sponsor will want to understand what the audience or reader needs. If you are 'special' here, the final handshake with the sponsor will be done. And be prepared mentally, don't sponsor cash if you don't have very good qualifications. Let's go ahead with it. Suppose you go to Everest, only the equipment will cost millions. Now your sponsor 'Puma' / 'Reebok' will give you backpacks, gloves, jackets, jerseys, cargo pants, goggles etc. without paying. But not less for you!

Reassure the sponsor and present to him an idea that you can reach out to a wider community;

Find the right donor company

Travel-blogger Francis Tapon applied to a company called Golit for world travel sponsorship. After the application was approved, he came to know that he was the first applicant in the 'Return on Investment' section. This means that many of us may not know that many companies have a section where they look for entrepreneurs to invest. In this case, they only want to recoup the investment money in exchange for the company's publicity. So keep your eyes and ears open. In this case, companies prefer to invest in anything that is compatible with their product. For example, you are a prominent chef, cooking on TV. Now you may not get any sponsor from Adidas or Nike, but with a little effort you can get a sponsor from a spice company. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Maybe in every episode you cooked all the terms with their spices.

Similarly, in case of your travel, such and such bicycle companies, or relevant companies including Tamuk Beverages will invest. Just go to them and come up with your promotional idea. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

  • How to brand the product?

  • · How many people do you think you can reach?

  • Why should you sponsor the money? Why not someone else?

Remember, when you go to that company, you are not a beggar. You come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it's really fun. So speak with confidence, eye to eye.

Speak with confidence, eye to eye;

Use personal communication

Everyone you know, again, tell 'everyone' about your special idea. With that, ask everyone separately how to proceed! It's a strategy. Who knows, maybe one of these can get you the desired sponsor.

Earn credibility

Sponsors want to take the risk of being 'first' in investing. So someone has sponsored you before and you have used it successfully or you have had fruitful talks or agreements with some sponsors in the current project - it is best if you can show the sponsor that. And if you don't have a previous sponsorship record, show the sponsor a checklist of how to use the sponsorship and the value of your past work. Then they will not hesitate to trust you.

Can emphasize charitable programs

Donors have a vested interest in sponsoring charities. Because as their image is elevated by investing in charitable work, they also get emotional satisfaction. So you can raise money for charitable purposes by associating your trip with a charitable cause. But keep one thing in mind, no one will pay you to spend the holidays. So make it clear to donors how much of your money will be spent on personal travel and how much will go to the charity fund. By doing so, they will also be satisfied with their investment-security.

Indian Bengali Somen Debnath cycling around the world to spread HIV awareness;

Try celebrity dating

Another way to earn a sponsor's attention or trust is to use celebrities. It is a little difficult for an average person to 'manage' a celebrity like this. However, the method is quite effective. Let's take the case of Paul Archer from Britain. He will take a taxi from London to Sydney. He thought it would not be a bad thing if I could add a celebrity to my work. He is thought to have survived a Guinness World Record for the world's best living traveler, Sir Ronaldo Fines. Unexpectedly, he agreed, he himself got into Archer's taxi! As the media made additional cuts in the name of Fines, so did the sponsors. You can also go this way to stay close to your hands or to your favorite celebrity. Luck may not always be as fortunate as Archer, but try it!

Paul Archer's team arrives in Sydney in London's traditional black-taxi;

Beat the drum loudly

Go out to tour the world. Such a big work plan is yours. Its campaign should be so glorious. If you sit in the garden next to your house and call the local reporters and announce, it will not happen! After a strong campaign on social media, he dared to call a press conference and appear at the national level. Be confident, if you know how to make the dream look so big, you will get such a positive response from the media.

Reduce single reliance on sponsors

Getting sponsorship is actually a matter of luck, you may or may not get it. Will your dream stop for him? Not at all. Job-business, do something, earn, keep increasing the amount of savings by spending moderately, busy. Moreover, even if you get sponsorship, it will not be the whole of the tour. In that case the supply of the rest of the money will go from one's own pocket. So increase your personal savings to make the tank heavier. You can also sell T-shirts, globes, old books, travel pictures, postcards, etc.

There is another way out of this. Suppose 4 friends went to Singapore with 10 lakh rupees. Now each of you can use this money to buy gadgets as per the maximum limit of customs and other restrictions. After that you can come to the country and sell them in the retail market for 14-15 lakhs and you can earn 4-5 lakhs. If you borrow Rs 10 lakh for travel, it is being repaid, along with you getting a new Rs 4-5 lakh for the next trip. However, you need to do a lot of market research to follow this method. You need to know which product is good in which country, what is the international market price, how much is legal to carry in customs.

I am ending with a relevant story of a Croatian tourist friend named Tamislav Parco. Do you know why I am taking his name to have so many inspirational stories? Because the story of his success started in Bangladesh.

Tamislav in Bangladesh in MasterCard's campaign;

Everyone wants to travel, but everyone lacks money. So there is fierce competition in the sponsor market. I want an unconventional idea to survive the fight. Tamislav therefore chose Hitch-hiking. In other words, the world is moving around using the vehicle for free rather than lifting the finger. In this way, with his own money, he used to travel to various places including Turkey and Spain and upload them on Facebook.

Thanks to the Facebook page, he was able to build a huge community. This was featured on the page of a Croatian daily. Basically after that the fate of Tamislav was revealed. The credit card company 'MasterCard' offered Tamislav a month to stay in Bangladesh for one of their campaigns. Successfully used Bangladesh Travel in all advertisements of MasterCard! Buss, that's the beginning. Tamislav is now traveling the world with the money of MasterCard in Dedarse. You can only succeed if you can use the sharpness of the head with the intensity of passion!

Thanks for reading this article for so long.

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Written by   70
4 months ago
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