How advanced can human civilization be?

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Depending on how much progress a nation has made in education initiation, it can be said how much the nation has developed. It can also be said that those who are pioneers in science and information technology are so advanced. This can also be explained by the amount of energy used. How much energy a nation or civilization is using and how much energy it can extract can tell how advanced a civilization is.

Educational initiation and science-technology are perhaps the most appropriate criteria for comparing the small nations of the world. But if the intelligent civilization on the planet is also taken into account, then how to calculate it? The most appropriate measure when considering a civilization beyond the boundaries of the earth from a cosmic point of view is the amount of energy used. The more energy the inhabitants of that planet use, the more advanced they become. The more energy that is used in a star family, the more developed the star is. The more energy that is used in a galaxy, the more advanced the galaxy is. And in order to gain more power, we have to make more progress in education, initiation, science and information technology. As such, even if a cosmic civilization is verified by the amount of energy used, it is being verified by education, science and information technology. The use of energy has brought education, science and information technology together.

In 1964, Nikolai Kardashev, a Russian astronomer, divided cosmic advanced civilization into three categories. In his career, he was involved in the search for intelligent creatures on the planet Vine. He formulated this classification while searching for cosmic intelligent creatures. According to this classification, there are three types of cosmic civilizations - type one, type two and type three civilization. His proposed taxonomy is called the ‘Kardashev Scale’ after him. Later other scientists made some changes in this classification and added two more 'types' and divided them into five classes in total.

Nikolai Kardashev; Photo: Fanwave

Type One or first class civilizations are those civilizations that can control and use all the forces that occur on their planet. For example, a large amount of energy is constantly falling on the earth from the sun, but human civilization is able to use only a very small amount of this incident energy. If the earth can one day collect all the energy that falls on its surface, they will become a first-class civilization. The same is true of animals living on other planets.

Just collecting and using energy is not the end. Those who will rise to first class civilization will be able to control their planet as they see fit. Disasters caused by earthquakes, cyclones, cyclones, volcanoes, etc., people can not yet resist. If we can develop into a first class civilization, people will have the power to control even the most powerful disasters. If you want you can stop the cyclone, if you want you can stop the earthquake.

The fictional city of first-class advanced civilization; Photo: Extrasiville

It is unfortunate for our present generation that our world has not even progressed to at least first class civilization. Humans are still largely dependent on prehistoric dead animals. The current human civilization is based on the fossil fuels that animals and plants died out thousands of years ago. Oil, gas, coal, etc. all come from the decaying remains of animals and plants that died thousands of years ago.

Bigger than that is the fact that people are not able to utilize even 100 percent of this stored energy. Another feature of first-class civilizations is that they can extract and use all the energy that exists on their planet, in addition to the energy that falls from the stars. This list includes wind power, heat energy inside the earth, water power, stored energy, etc.

The idea of generating energy by using windmills or other processes is quite common. The idea of using the energy that is inside the earth is not yet common. The interior of the earth is in a togbag-like state. Solid substances like iron are also molten in heat. It is possible to use this huge amount of heat energy. In some parts of the world, the process of using this energy called geothermal power plants or geothermal power plants has also started. But it is still in its infancy.

Photo: Collected

It is very common to generate electricity by using the flow of water through a dam in the middle of the river. Just as electricity can be generated by using river water flow, electricity can also be generated by using ocean currents. The sea occupies three-fourths of the whole world. Many countries are also using tides to generate energy. But this aspect is also in its infancy.

And there is petroleum, oil, gas, coal. Human civilization is using this stored energy the most. But human civilization is also lagging behind at this stage. Not being able to use them fully here either. But human civilization is not stuck. There is no deterioration. Gradually improving. If this order of development is right, one day people will be able to ascend to the first class civilization.

World-renowned astronomer and science philosopher Carl Sagan has calculated that humans are now in 0.7 class of civilization. That means very close to first class civilization. Michio Kakur, a popular physicist and science speaker, said that in the next one hundred to two hundred years, the world would become a first-class civilization. Until then, it does not seem that any of the current generation will survive.

Animals of type two or second class civilization will be able to control and use all the power of their stars. The sun is constantly radiating heat and light from top to bottom. A very small part of it is coming to earth. People can't finish using the smallest part. The ability to use all the power to increase the capacity of human beings to think about how much the mind is stressed.

Exactly how all the energy of a star can be extracted is still in the fog. The most popular of the several proposed ideas is the creation of a large sphere around the entire star. Through this sphere almost all the energy of the star will be collected and processed for use and transferred to the planet. Such a sphere would be 600 million times larger than the size of the Earth. Astronomer Freeman Dyson came up with the idea of such a sphere. It is called Dyson Sphere after its name. If human civilization ever acquires the ability to place Dyson spheres around the sun, they will possess unimaginable powers.

The imaginary Dyson sphere surrounding the star; Photo: Artists Work

If a nation develops into a second class civilization, they will be able to achieve many impossible things. For example, let's say that people have passed from the first class to the second class. In such a case, if there is a possibility of an Earth with an asteroid or a cosmic object equal to the moon, then if man wants, he can melt that object equal to a satellite from a distance. Or if he has enough time, he can move the whole earth far away from its orbit. Then the earth will not be in the movement of that cosmic object, so there will be no collision. Much like the cosmic lurking game of planets and stars.

Is there any other way for people other than these two? Even if the cosmic object collided with the earth, man would still be able to move all the animals on the earth to Mars or Jupiter.

Note that such a collision of cosmic objects could lead to the extinction of human civilization throughout the world. There was a kingdom of dinosaurs on earth 231 to 243 million years ago. Many species of dinosaurs lived in water, land and sky. The collision of a meteorite with the Earth is thought to have caused a situation in which all species of dinosaurs became extinct.

If any cosmic civilization is promoted to the second class, they will be able to control their stars. The energy of a star is produced through the nuclear fusion reaction that takes place inside it. If there is an error in the fusion reaction of the stars, they will be able to repair it. If they do not get enough energy from the stars to meet their needs, they will be able to meet their needs by installing ultra-powerful reactors that slow down the imagination. Or it could use a nearby gas giant to make the star more efficient and more powerful.

The main raw material for stellar energy is hydrogen. The gas giant is made up of lots of hydrogen. If there is a shortage of hydrogen in the stars, then the second class civilization will be able to fill that shortage through gas giants. For example, Jupiter in our solar system is a gas giant. Jupiter can be used as fuel in future needs.

In 2016, there was a lot of controversy around the world over a star called Tabir Nakshatra. Scientists have discovered a star with some mysterious structures around it. Some people are borrowing this installation which is actually something like Dyson Sphere. But not yet established truth.

The placement around the tabby star in the artist's imagination; Photo: Pinterest

The Dyson Sphere has become important in another way as well. If a Dyson sphere-like structure is found somewhere, it must be assumed that there are certain aliens. Another question arises here. How can they be seen if the whole star is covered by the Dyson sphere? Even if the whole star is surrounded, some radiation in the form of infrared waves will come out just through the sphere. That's why you need to use a telescope that can detect infrared waves to find such installations.

Type II or second class civilization is absolutely nasal to second class civilization. Civilizations at this stage are able to use not only their own stars, but the power of their entire galaxy. They will colonize all the stars across the galaxy and form a strong stellar network. Much like today's cloud computing system. Many small computers come together to form a large and powerful network.

Animals advanced in the third class of civilization will be able to move freely and spontaneously from star to star. It is very challenging for an animal to travel from one star to another. It is difficult to say exactly how they will achieve this. The idea is that the animals of that civilization will be cyborg style. The combination of life and mechanics will give them the power to adapt to any situation. Or be able to perform any type of complex activity. They will acquire this ability through thousands of years of physical and mechanical evolution.

They will be able to create special types of robotic forces to spread throughout the galaxy. These robotic forces will be able to create new robots on their own. The newly-built robots will be scattered far and wide into the stars. In this way, star after star will come into the hands of the animals of the third class civilization.

Compared to the amount of energy, they will be able to extract 10 billion times more energy than the second class civilization. Even in special processes they have the ability to bring energy out of black holes. Not only this, they also have the ability to create a whole star for energy in the right place.

Third-class civilizations have the power to create a whole star if necessary; Photo: NASA

However, in order for this process to be implemented, some seemingly impossible things have to be made possible in terms of physics. Such as traveling around in the light of day, creating effective warp drives, completing successful teleportation through wormholes, etc. need to be implemented. At present these are far from reality, almost impossible.

Then? There were some limitations to the imagination when Nikolai Kardashev proposed special criteria for measuring the superiority of cosmic civilization. He thought that the civilization of the third class was so advanced that there was no need to create another class outside it. It is more impossible than the third class civilization to become a fourth class civilization.

But since there is no obstacle to take the imagination forward, where is the problem in calculating what the next step civilization of the third class will be like? From that consideration, scientists Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, and Robert Mille expanded the Kardashian scale.

Carl Sagan; Photo: Collected

Type Four civilizations have the power to use all the power in their entire universe. They are also able to live within the event horizons of black holes. They are also able to see an entire galaxy upside down if they want to. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. From the point of view of current physics, it is not possible to reach this stage. Maybe they will resort to a process that has not yet been discovered.

The power of type five or fifth class civilization will be divine. They will have the power to control their own multiverse. They will be able to transfer energy from one universe to another. If you think about how this will be possible, half of the hair on the head will fall out. Note that multiverse theory is a proposed universe model. According to the multiverse theory, we have countless more universes like this one. Countless these universes together are part of a multiverse.

Multiverse; Photo: CPI

Elegantly, the fifth grade is the end of the scale of cosmic civilization. Scientists have no clear boundaries for what the next civilization might look like. Because much of this world is still unknown to scientists. Until such a time, scientists had no idea about multiverse. As such, it was not possible to create any criteria by imagining multiverse. Later, when the concept of multiverse became popular, scientists imagined a step towards cosmic civilization centered on it. In the same way, in the future, perhaps, some amazing ideas will be born about this universe, with which a better civilization can be imagined than a type five civilization.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Type Six civilizations can control higher levels, including space-time. If the physical phenomenon called time is nothing to them. If you fail in any endeavor, you will be able to do it again after a while. Any kind of challenging work can take an infinite amount of time. If you can control one thing called time, you can't finish writing down how many revolutions are possible.

Type seven or seventh class civilization is also mentioned from time to time. Their work is far from what they can do, it is beyond human imagination.

Let's look back at our human civilization. Human civilization still lies in the middle of zero class. Far more to be promoted to Type One. But the fact that human civilizations are still backward does not mean that they will not develop. This dream can be seen by the people of the present generation that one day people may cross many paths and gradually progress to the first, second and third class civilizations. The people of the world think that they are controlling the entire Milky Way galaxy, but there is a kind of happiness.

Thanks for reading this article for so long.

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