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BitcoinCash: My NoiseCash Journey

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1 year ago

Good day! Before I start writing about my journey in NoiseCash, Let me introduce who I am.

I am Christian, Im from the Philippines. I am a Radio Disc Jockey before but unfortunately, due to pandemic I become jobless, real quick.😭 I've been staying home for a couple of weeks, sad because I feel like the thing that I loved to do the most has been taken away from me. How ruthless life can be? but despite of that, after a week of crying, and being sad, I realize that this is not the end. I'd still have a lot to do to reciprocate this loss I'm suffering.

I started to go online to find some site that I can earn money. I see a lot but mostly scam. Then suddenly I remember the days when I collect bitcoins from different faucets, the was year 2017 I think, tho faucet offers a small amout of money, but atleast not scam.

Then suddenly I saw Bitcoin Cash. I have a knowledge about cryto especially Bitcoin cash, I know that it is from Bitcoin, I am not going to write it all, it takes me a lot of time tho.😂 To be honest I'm having a hard time writing this, I am not really good in English😂.

One night my friend message me on telegram and introduce me to Noise Cash. At first I was hesitant, but I give it a try.

I started creating accounts on Noisecash on January 19, 2021, today is February 19, 2021, I already 1 month in the site. I got 348 subscribers and earn some Bitcoin cash. My goal is to reach atleast 1BCH to add for my savings to buy my dream scooter.

This is my motivation to continue, I'm planning to buy this on May, but it all cancelled, I don't have job anymore, and finding job in this pandemic is so hard. I am so thankful that my friend introduce me to noisecash. As of now I have this in my bch wallet:

I know it's far from 1BCH but I think its near tho😂 I just need more efforts.👌 So when I heard that Readcash also giving bch by writing a blog, I decided to give it a try.

Anyways my Noise cash username is iimmtano, and I mostly posting qoutes to inspires people so if you have time please do visit my account and say "Hi, I read your post in readcash". I will be so much happy. Thank you. I also share noisecash to my friends, and they like it a lot, I have 7 friends who already hooked in the site. 😂 . Let us all spread bch awareness, and I will not give up, I know, and definitely will buy my dream scooter💕 And put a bitcoin cash sticker on it, to remind me of my hardworks. And to remind myself that as long as you have patience, determination and a positive outlook in life anything is possible. Have a nice day!

February 19, 2020


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Written by   2
1 year ago
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