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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Mass Adoption

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6 months ago

Hi all,

In recent weeks, we witnessed De-Fi mania all around the world. One of the fundamental reasons for this excessive demand stems from the fact that our fiat currencies are losing their power. Especially from the very beginning of 2020, the pandemic showed its side effects on economies, as well.

Pandemic & Problems in global economies + Satisfactory APR from De-Fi platforms lead to a blast in demands for popular coins and mostly for stable coins. However, this De-Fi madness gives birth to the antagonists to show up. Who are they?

These are called scammers, Ponzi scheme marketing people, and briefly thieves. Why are they doing it? What do they want?

As cryptocurrencies are highly young and governments do not have strict regulations to control the transactions and properties, Scammers find ways to make the coins untraceable and they save themselves from sentences. One can never know who they are and where they are.

On the other hand, as people profile investing their money into these scammers are mostly newcomers, it's easy for these thieves to get their money. Newcomers are seeking for ways to compile coins as much as possible. Since their mindset is to earn the most with the least effort or within the shortest period of time, they are deceived with unrealistic payment or interest options.

These scammers can be on many faces. One day they can be Cloud Miners, another day they can be product managers. However one thing never changes, you are always expected to give your money to them; find people to participate in the system, and wait for your money to grow without doing anything.

There is a fact in this world, your money can make money under any circumstances but the less you endeavor, the less you earn. Passive income is one of the safest but least earned investment options in the world. If you want to invest in passive income, you must find options that are secured by the government, by-laws, and the companies' legal policies. Otherwise, it would be playing with fire. Without knowing anyone, never give your coins.

My dear mates,

There are only 21M BTC-BCH, 84M LTC, and limited ETH to be printed. They are all precious! every single satoshi, litoshi, and gwei is a step for a better future. I have been scammed several times. In one of my posts, I will write all the things that I experienced since 2017.

Even though masks have changed, the faces behind them have always been the same. Consider the situation like that: Do you give your home to people that you do not know? or Do you leave your money to a stranger to make more money? I do not think so.

As it's easy to make a transaction, do not be deceived with this allure. It is MONEY. It is assets like your house, your car, your watch, and your national currency. If you want to earn interest, first find places where your money is secured!

I know that the Ponzi scheme projects or mining sites or kind of give 1 and earn 2 things are attractive but putting your money into these systems like gambling. Once days pay, twice day pay but the third time they may not pay. There is no investment like that.

(by Pexels)

Grow your portfolio slower but more secure. Your every single coin is precious. These are the words from a person who has taken parts in tens of projects. I still have my BTC in some systems that I invested years ago.

You can learn without losing. I lost soI don't want you to be deceived. I hope this post makes you more careful before putting your money into unrealistic investment options.

Thank you for reading. If you want to add something more, please leave your comment. Besides, we are open to your suggestions 😌😌


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Written by   83
6 months ago
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