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Crypto | Daily Routines with Minimum Effort

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2 months ago

By far most of us need to work professionally as crypto income doesn't make up for our consumptions. After the pandemic, our tasks at hand have coupled twice or multiple times. In any case, regardless of how bustling my days, I have an individual crypto plan to follow each day.

In this post, I'll be sharing my day by day schedules on the Hive & ReadCash.


  • Hive Gaming

  • Hyperion

  • Leofinance

  • Trendings - Daily News

Read Cash

  • Mobile Solution

  • Communities

Hive Gaming

Rising Star

At the point when I went out for work, the primary thing that I do is to begin a "Music Lesson" to expand my ability focuses. The motivation behind why I start with a Music Lesson is that I start a long mission before I rest. After the music exercise, I start the "Neighborhood Mini Tour Support" mission more than once while working.

Ordinary stuff: 2-3 Music Lessons + 1500-6100 Starbits from missions.

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The second stage that I visit is cryptobrewmaster. By and large, I start more limited missions in the early times and do day by day journeys as indicated by the fixings I have to blend.

Regular stuff: Collect the fixings and mix as long as it is possible.

Holy Bread

I need to disregard sacred bread while filling in as I can just beginning 15 mins of mission or battle and it is almost difficult to play the game during the day. Along these lines, when I get back home, I battle in the field and do at any rate 5 missions. Additionally, to get 1 more bread, I purchase a thing from the store and sell it on the off chance that it is superfluous.

Ordinary stuff: Collect 3 bread rewards + Improve the details of fighters

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I surmise I become dependent on the game 😅 I began taking the game somewhat genuine and check the details of my players on the matches of the day. Nonetheless, it is fun and I love it. Before I rest, I set my group and line up in any event 5 matches as 4 matches mean 24 hours and I would prefer not to face the challenge of having a match without an appropriate line-up.

Ordinary stuff: Line up in any event 5 matches + check the length of the agreements so as not to lose your player.

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A day without playing Splinterlands would be a lost day 😌 The game is turning out to be increasingly pleasant and productive gratitude to the expanding estimation of DEC just as the improvements occurring. Even though I'm enamored with the game, I can just direct my day by day mission and a few additional matches. I miss the days that I could partake in competitions...

Note: If you are accessible, I unequivocally prescribe you to participate in the week after week challenge and offer your Hive post about it.

Ordinary stuff: Do your day by day journey + Tournaments if it's possible

For Hive Gaming:

I assign almost 1 hour of my day and do the base necessities for these games on the off chance that I have heaps of activities. Notwithstanding, in any event, playing these games routinely, I get some Hive or valuable local tokens on account of them. Week by week Hive compensation by Rabona has gotten one of my top choices as of late.

I decide to sell Starbits above 0.00005

DEC above 0.0062. Something else, Holding appears to be a superior alternative.


For the individuals who have not known about Hyperion previously, it's a site following the activities occurring in Hive blog and classifying for the clients.

The motivation behind why I utilize the site typically is to find the continuous patterns occurring on the stage regardless of whether I have no ideal opportunity to spend there. Likewise, I check the related and regular labels for my posts by utilizing the site.

I unequivocally encourage you to check Hyperion for various purposes.


What is incredible about Leo is that it multiplied the benefit of clients on the off chance that they had confidence in the undertaking and hodl the tokens. Presently, on account of Leo, we both gain Hive and HBD, and Leo that is deserving of our endeavors.

Also, Leo is significantly founded on economy and cash arranged issues that I need to find out about. Contingent upon your advantage territories, you may check the particular destinations working on Hive Blockchain.

Trendings and Daily News

Although it is almost difficult to know everything occurring in the crypto biological system, it is shrewd to check the trendings on the stage, at any rate, two times per day as impending things may bring about misfortune or win when you learn prior. In any event, when I don't look down on my feed, I generally check the trendings during the day while strolling, eating, looking, and so forth

Additionally, as far as day by day news, coindesk and Cointelegraph are two crypto news sites that I check frequently to be acquainted with the progressing activities in crypto. Notwithstanding these sites, @vlemon distributes day by day news about crypto with synopses. It tends to be a superior choice for you to follow the scenes on the off chance that you don't miss anything, particularly on the Hive stage.

Read Cash

While working, I do not have time to read a couple of posts due to the workload that I have. Even when I have some spare time, I just do not prefer to look at the screen of my phone or my computer. Yet, I found a solution to encourage myself to spend more time with the posts of my friends both on Hive and ReadCash platforms.

I have browser that is locally popular and it is supported by the service provider of internet. I bookmared Read Cash and use the gift 1 GB internet for the platform. Now it is as if has a mobile application as for me 😎

On the other hand, I just check BCH and Cryptocurrency communities so that I can learn more about up-to-date news. Otherwise, I feel alienated from my crypto world...

These are the things that I routinely do each day as an aspect of my side interest and I think my duty as a crypto fan. Even though it is truly difficult to post or remark to impart my plans to my locale, I simply attempt to remain alive out there 😌😌

Your turn: What do you do on an everyday schedule regarding Crypto? Do you play any blockchain-based games?

If you share your everyday schedules, one may pick up something because of you ^^

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   82
2 months ago
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I just used read cash for now, I am having hard time to balance my time if I will use other site or games, being a mom of a toddler is time consuming that is why I don't have time to visit my hive account 😔

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2 months ago

I feel you bhe. I was missing in action the whole day.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

You are absolutely right dear; the more responsibilities we have, the less time we allocate for blockchain ecosystem 😥

$ 0.00
2 months ago

If only I can add more time on my 24 hours lol. Just today I can't cope up. I'm happy you can do this and that. ☺

$ 0.01
2 months ago

I do not want to lose my burning desire for better future of blockchain. Otherwise, things are not that easy 😅😅

$ 0.00
2 months ago

If that's the love of your life you have to keep it lit lol

$ 0.00
2 months ago