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Communities & Blockchain Games(3fe1)

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6 months ago

Hi all,

It's the first time ever I created a community in a platform. One of the reasons why I did is not to rule a group, but to create opportunities for people who want to introduce, share or talk about a game that is based on Blockchain.

My first post in this platform was about the game Splinterlands. It operates on Hive Blockchain and people can earn money while playing. I wanted to introduce it for people who have never heard of it.

A snapshot from

There are tens of new games based on EOS, TRON, HIVE and many other Blockchains. However, if we are not lucky enough, we may never hear about them.

To handle this problem, I created the Blockchain Games (3fe1) community. You can attend and create posts about your favorite Blockchain based games.

Feel free to take part and enrich our community.

"Friendly reminder, you can play casino games on by using BCH & BTC, as well."

Why Do Communities Matter?

To enable people who share similar ideas or who want to be exposed to specific topics, we need communities. For example, currently I play 4 blockchain based games and it has been my wish to be able to play blockchain based games since 2017. With the help of the adaptation of such games, we also have NFTs. As in my example, you may have different types of interests and there are millions of people who have the same taste with you. Do not hesitate to be a part of a community that attracts your attention. I have quite nice friendship examples thanks to such communities :)

You may have rules and a symbols to specify yourselves. it's all up to you and your community.

For Blockchain Games, everyone is welcomed to attend.


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Written by   82
6 months ago
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I have never understood how to play Splinterlands or Upland. Do you have any guides for these games. Also do we have to spend crypto to play these games or just earn it by playing?

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6 months ago

Firstly, you are given playable cards which are belonged by you but you cannot trade them. To start earning, you need to buy spellbook for $10. However, within 3-5 months, you can allocate the amount because at the end of every 15 days seasons, you are given free loot chests, you earn loot chests from daily quests and each win bring you DEC token that you can sell on Hive-engine :)

I have a tutorial for newbies "" visit my post to reach video. I briefly talk about the basic things, cards, potions, how to buy/sell, guilds etc. I hope it will help you :) For more information, do not hesitate to contact me

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6 months ago