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Boosting Your Article - Don't Follow My Way :)

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6 months ago

Hi all,

I'm the smartest member of this community :P

The boosting system works by bidding to the best price for your article to be displayed/viewed by people. Yesterday I wanted to boost my lovely first article in platform. However, I choose to pay for $0.04 to be boosted. As the current boosting takes about $0.07 to be viewed, my post could not be boosted.

Did I stop at that point? ABSOLUTELY NO!

I even added more funds to the balance. After a loooong time, I realized that bidding system does not work in this way. I thought that my boost will be displayed but the amount will not be as much as in $0.07

Now, I'm waiting for bids to be as low as $0.04 :P

Long story short, while bidding to boost your article/post

Bid at least as much as the recommended price (which is now | $0.07)

Choose the amount you will vest to be viewed.

Save and enjoy ^^

Thanks for reading.

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This is enlightened, i once boosted one of my article but when i tried boosting recently it falls to boost

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6 months ago

I realized that bidding system does not work in this way.

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6 months ago

Sorry that it didn't work the way expected, though you have given me an insight on what to do next when I have intentions of boosting my articles. Thanks for sharing

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6 months ago

Wow, I never saw boosting as such a thing of biding. I was considering boosting initially but later on I changed my mind.

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6 months ago