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Swan Finance - Bridge Between CeFi and DeFi Platforms

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Recently, crypto investors have been excited by the emergence of a protocol that allows people to be able to implement traditional financial instruments onto a decentralized platform, where its features can maximize profits from crypto investors, the protocol is the decentralized finance protocol or commonly abbreviated as DeFi.

This is a protocol developed by crypto developers since 2015 which allows people to be able to stake, swap, lend, liquidity mining, etc. which are usually developed on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This protocol is a further development of the blockchain feature, which is considered outdated and less applicable to more complex financial cases. The DeFi protocol is considered better and safer for the financial industry.

With more and more platforms adopting this protocol on their platforms, it's no surprise that DeFi is one of the most active sectors in the crypto market with an estimated capitalization of up to $ 17B, which places it as the sector with the most potential for future growth.

Swan Finance: ​High-Interest Rates. No Learning Curve. All On An Easy To Use Platform.

Swan Finance is a platform that allows you as a crypto user to be able to use DeFi features more easily and safely. It is a platform that will connect centralized and decentralized finance, making it more user-friendly for users. Swan Finance's solution is to provide financial services with various and innovative features that allow ordinary or professional users to be able to use the service easily without the need to be complicated.

Swan Finance provides a platform that allows users to get interest easily, and peer to peer lending services that allow people to borrow or lend their assets with collateral. It is a platform that will benefit all parties involved in it.

Swan Features

  • Swan Credit: Allows users to get secured loans or lend their assets with attractive interest rewards.

  • Swan Exchange: An exchange platform that allows users to exchange their crypto assets for various other cryptocurrencies. This is an exchange platform with margin trading.

  • Swan Investments: Allows users to invest in startups by crowdfunding.

  • Swan Wallet: A digital wallet designed to secure all user assets stored in it. This is a wallet that is integrated directly with Swan Finance which allows users to get interest and store their assets easily and safely.

  • Swan Trade: A cryptocurrency trading platform featuring AI trading bots and following the trades of other users.

  • Swan Pay: Allows users to make payments with SWAN tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

Swan Security

Security is a concern for crypto users lately because there have been many cases of breaches of crypto platforms. That's why Swan Finance keeps users' wallets safe and secure. Swan Finance places the user's crypto asset in a cold wallet until the user needs it to transfer or withdraw.

Swan Finance has also designed a system whereby users' wallets are secured in various ways, for example by verifying the user's identity from login to withdrawal. This is to guarantee that any activity that the user performs is not someone else.

Swan Token

This is a token issued by the Swan Finance platform. This is Swan Finance's native token designed with the Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20. This token will later be used as a reward or access to get higher interest, for example up to 20% APY on SWAN tokens and up to 12% APY for other cryptocurrencies.

In Conclusion

DeFi is the sector with the most potential to grow in the global crypto market. With DeFi people can maximize their profit easily and safely - and Swan Finance is a platform that will connect centralized and decentralized finance, allowing users to get high interest with an easy interface, and at the same time provide a P2P lending platform, exchange, investments, and many others.

This is a DeFi platform that allows users to earn high interest easily - earning high interest has never been easier - just start joining Swan Finance.


  • Swan Finance acts as a bridge between the worlds of centralized and decentralized finance.

  • SwanFinance offers an easy to use interface for earning interest.

  • Your cryptocurrencies and stablecoins are safe with Swan Finance.

  • Swan Ecosystem that will include: SwanCredit, SwanInvestments, SwanPay, Swan.Exchange, SwanTrade, and SwanWallet.



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Written by   31
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