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COVIR - Invest in the Virucidal Safety

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The main objective of this publication is to present the Covir solution and the related Covir project. Under no circumstance, it should be considered as an investment advice.

If you have any question regarding the regulations impact on the Covir project, feel free to contact Covir at


Nowadays humans can employ robots to cope with or assist in handling diseases or viruses. For example Octopusrobots, this robot can help humans in handling the Covid-19 virus with a robotic disinfection system. The robot's capabilities are a mobile, intelligent, fully autonomous, and modular robot. Its ability to decontaminate equipment or buildings, such as food storage or medical equipment is unquestionable.

And Covir is the platform and partner of Octopusrobots that will fund the Octopusrobots project in terms of international licensing of a robotic disinfection system based on the tezos blockchain.

Invest in the Virucidal Safety

As explained above, Covir is a platform as well as a partner that will fund Octopusrobots in terms of licensing robotic disinfection systems. Covir will run on the basis of the tezos blockchain and will issue CVR tokens that investors can buy to support the Octopus Biosafety project. Because it is well known that many platforms cannot finance their research and development, and they need funding. It is hoped that with public funding, Octopus Biosafety can develop their platform and produce robots that will help human life.

Covir will be a platform for participants and consumers/buyers of BioSafety equipment. They can see an intuitive interface that explains the product they are using. Details as below;

For each Participator/Investors/CVR Holders

  • Allows everyone to get CVR tokens

  • Tracking and payment of royalties in XTZ

  • Full-fledged sponsorship system

  • 24/7 support

  • Secure, reliable, and transparent

For buyers of BioSafety equipment.

  • Tracking of trajectories made by robots

  • Global disinfection reporting and analysis.

  • Creation and availability of health certification

  • Real-time activity monitoring (Battery, users, etc.)

Octopus Biosafety Features

  • VERSATILITY: Octopusrobots are equipped with the same multi-purpose base.

  • INTELLIGENCE: Autonomous vehicles

  • PERFORMANCE: Octopus Biosafety outperforms all competing solutions consisting of fixed installations or static equipment.

  • COMMUNICATION & TRACEABILITY: WIFI display that shows real-time monitoring.

  • AUTONOMY: Octopus Biosafety moves on its own with a long-lasting battery.

  • SECURITY: The Octopus robot is equipped with top safety and performance systems.

In Conclusion

Covir is very optimistic that Octopusrobots with the Octopus Biosafety project can develop a robot that can help decontaminate medical equipment or buildings. And the Covir platform that will fund the Octopusrobots platform in their research and development can be a platform that attracts more people to participate in the development of this project, and we can develop more reliable robots in the future.


Covir will conduct a token sale with the following details;

Start Time
01 April 2020
Token Symbol
End Time
July 30, 2020
Total Supply
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Private Sale

Allocation of funds and tokens:

Research and Development 50% (Unlocked over the years. (17 years patent validate))

To be sold 30% (During our various events (Private Sale, Pre-sale, IEO...))

Reserve, Team, Marketing 10%

Allowance investment bonus 5%

Bounty & Events 5%



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