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Aurix Exchange - Trade With Passion

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An exchange platform is a place where people can trade their cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. In the beginning, that is, when cryptocurrency was not as popular as it is today, people were exchanging their cryptocurrency through forums, at that time the exchange platform was not as popular as it is today or didn't even exist at all. And after bitcoin became popular, only then did exchange platforms appear offering cryptocurrency exchange services. But at that time the exchange platform was still centralized, so all activities were monitored and controlled by the platform. And then after many cases of crypto hacking, and other problems, decentralized crypto exchange platforms emerged.

The decentralized crypto exchange platform claims to offer a more secure and transparent exchange service, where all transactions are only made between the user and the platform will not control it. But despite the differences between centralized and decentralized exchange platforms, both offer the same service, a cryptocurrency exchange. And talking about cryptocurrency exchange platforms, maybe you will be interested in this one platform. This is Aurix, a cryptocurrency exchange platform built with capable technology, especially for you crypto users. Aurix combines multiple crypto solutions into one ecosystem, delivering a world-class experience of buying and selling state-of-the-art cryptocurrencies and digital chips.

Aurix Exchange: Trade With Passion

There are currently many cryptocurrency exchange platforms operating on the market. All of them offer cryptocurrency exchange services that allow crypto users to trade their cryptocurrencies or access other features such as DeFi. Crypto exchanges are very helpful for crypto users. And this is also offered by Aurix Exchange, a crypto exchange platform where you as a crypto user can trade with passion. Aurix Exchange is the best crypto exchange platform with the state of the art technology, which was built for those of you crypto users who want a reliable, safe, and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform.

To accommodate user needs, Aurix Exchange also offers a Visa / Mastercard Card that allows users to casually pay with crypto anywhere and anytime. Unlike Visa / Mastercard cards in general, Aurix Exchange will not charge annual fees and the DeFi Cashback feature, which allows users to get cashback for all their purchases and other transactions.

Not only for crypto users, Aurix Exchange also provides solutions for businesses who wish to accept cryptocurrency. Aurix Exchange provides a unique shop plug-in feature that can fit in almost every system. So that business owners can easily accept payments using crypto for their business.

Aurix Exchange Features

Aurix Exchange intends to provide crypto users with a reliable and trusted exchange platform - a crypto exchange platform that allows you to trade with passion. Aurix Exchange is the best platform with the state of the art technology, built specifically for crypto users, not only providing the best service but also love for the users. The following are the features of Aurix Exchange:

  • Trustworthy: Aurix Exchange is built based on the trustworthy jurisdiction of the United States. So you don't have to question its reliability.

  • Secure: Security is very important, therefore Aurix Exchange is built by cybersecurity specialists with a security system that can withstand hacker attacks.

  • 24 × 7 Support: Customer support is always there 24 × 7 to answer questions or complaints from users.

  • Cloud Security: Aurix Exchange integrates pools for hardware and & cloud security.

  • Trading: All digital assets have trading pairs with high liquidity.

  • Responsive Design: Aurix Exchange offers interfaces on PC and Mobile with a responsive design.

AUR Token

AUR is a token issued by Aurix Exchange which will serve as a utility token. It is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token that users can use as payment in the Aurix ecosystem. The plan is that these tokens will be sold in the token sale program at 1 AUR = 1 USD. The following are details of the AUR token:

Symbol: AUR
Blockchain Type: ERC-20
Role of Token: Utility
Public Sale Hard Cap: 3 000 000 USD
Total Token Supply: 20 000 000 AUR
Tokens for Public Sale: 3 000 000 AUR (15.0000% of total token supply)
Public Sale Token Price: 1 AUR = 1 USD
Token Sale Format: Standard

In Conclusion

There are currently many exchange platforms circulating in the market, offering crypto exchange services to global crypto users. These platforms help crypto users, especially in crypto trading matters. And Aurix Exchange is one of the crypto exchange platforms operating on the market today. Aurix Exchange offers crypto exchange services that global users can rely on. Aurix Exchange combines several crypto solutions into one ecosystem, such as exchanges, cards with DeFi cashback, and solutions for businesses. With this solution, users can get world-class experience in crypto trading.



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Written by   73
11 months ago
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It looks quite fine according to the things you mentioned in the post ^^

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Thank you for your support.

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