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Friends Depression , Its Effects And Cures !!!!

We all know that depression and anxiety is on prevailage.

Increase awareness and lack of effective therapy also contribute to this along with other issues.

Risk factors includes many things including environmental changes like age and family issues like divorces etc.

In our community it is a shame to have mental illness.

People tells about other diseases like heart attack, asthama, headaches, fever etc but they are reluctant to talk about mental problems.

I wonder why they can't talk that they have depression or any anxiety.

Effects of anxiety on breathing Anxiety not only effect your brain but also effect your body mainly breathing.

In anxiety feelings of apprehension can also be accompanied by physical effects such as rapid breathing, increased heart rate and nausea.

Ways to lower anxiety and depression Talking with someone It is psychologically proved that talking to your friend or someone you love decrease the stress and anxiety and make you feel better.

You also at some point in your life noted that when you have any problem,

discussing with someone close decreases the stress or any little anxiety you having.

Laugh Laughter is the best madicine. This line is vry common amoung us and you also heard it somewhere in your life.

It is also true.

You can fight with any depression and anxiety by doing what you like doing that make you happy and alive.

If you like talking to friend talk world is there to listen , if you like playing any game play all grounds and available for you, if you like going out go world is for you to travel.

Do whatever you like everything is there for you just you have to see that and laugh.

Religion There is psychological research that if any person believe in GOD and in religion it ia very helpful to cope with anxiety.

Can To-Do list decrease your Anxiety To-do list is a best tool to decrease our anxiety.

Think of a plan checklist you write everything you have to carry and check those thing as you pack them or get them.

Those are the small segments of your whole package

. In a same way, to-do list is simply a small segments wo your whole day you have to done.

It is same as climbing the stairs. If you see 100 stairs your mind will click that you can't do it but if you tame your mind that you just have o climb only 5 for now so will climb that and in next step next 5 and with in no time you will reach to top. To-do list have same effect on ylur vrain one you divide your work in small goals and as you achieve one goals your brain will feel strong that he van do the next step.

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Written by   36
2 years ago
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