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7 Important Things You Should Do After Workout 

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9 months ago

Inorder to keep our body healthy and fit, we tend to do any routine, any idea, and a lot of helpful tip to achieve the body we want. And during these days, there are a lot of strategies to find something that can help you. It could be from the internet, just a few clicks about your desired help, and everything will be good to go. You can also ask help from your friend or from a family member that is already doing the routine. In the internet, you could see a lot of video tutorials that may help you become healthy and fit.

We do workout to throw away the excessive fats we acquired. It is not about doing the same workout routine everyday, but about getting your body used to it. With the proper workout routine and food intake, you are helping yourself to not get diseases, sickness, and not to become weak as well. The bones in our body become weaker as we age. And to be able to retain the proper posture, we have to do something in the present that will help us in the long run. However, many people cannot commit to it because they do not have the time to do so. 

But during these times, with pandemic, wherein everyone is spending their time at home, they can now have the time to do exercises even just for a while. With that, beginners may not know what important things they must do after workout, while some people who are already doing their workout are not knowledgeable if they are doing the right thing after they workout. And so, in this article, I will be sharing with you some important things to consider after doing a workout. 

After you workout you should: 

1. Cool down your body after you workout

When you do a workout, your body system is working to coordinate well, all at the same time. This is also the reason why the temperature of your body increases. When you jump or jog, your body releases sweat. You should not cut the workout at the peak of doing it. Instead, after a heavy activity, add some ways to cool down. The blood vessels widen in the moment you are exercising, cooling down is the perfect way to get the vessels back to its normal state. 

If you are using a treadmill, you may do the cool down by setting the treadmill to its cool down option. Or if you are running, do the cool down through doing some walks. 

2. Do some body stretches 

It is true that stretches are important before starting any exercises. It prepares our body for the workout routine. However, doing stretches after the workout is also recommended, especially for the muscles. When doing a workout, your muscles become warmer. When it is warm, it becomes easy to stretch. After workout, sometimes you feel the soreness. Stretching can help decrease the soreness of the muscles. It can help to relax the tension, and eventually recover until finally going back to its normal state. 

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

It is usual that when you workout, you are losing some water inside your body. This reacts in the form of sweat. You need to replenish the water you have lost. To do this, you have to drink plenty of water after you workout. Honestly, aside from water giving enough hydration, there are other benefits of drinking water after you workout. For instance, your body's flexibility is increasing. It also helps in decreasing the soreness your muscles had undergone in the workout. Remember that drinking sports drinks is not advisable. You may gain calories that are not really needed by your body. 

4. Change clothes after you workout 

This is the common mistake when people do their workouts at home. They tend to continue their day with the clothes they use in their workout. Because sometimes, due to a lot of errands to do, they forgot that they needed to change clothes. The clothes you use in the workout can actually trap the moisture. And because of that, the growth of germs, fungus, yeast, bacteria, and whatnot is possible. Eventually, you may acquire diseases, skin allergies, and worst breakouts. 

5. Do some cool shower 

Cool shower does not mean to bathe with ice in it. It only means that it is advisable to take bath in a much lower temperature than what you usually use. It helps decrease the inflammation in your muscles when it is cooler. As I said many times, a heavy workout may tend to give you soreness the next day, when you bath in a cool shower, you may not feel the soreness the next day. 

6. Take a rest 

When you have a heavy workout, refrain from doing another heavy workout the next day. Give enough time so your muscles in your body can heal first before trying again. When you push to do another heavy workout, you are not giving your muscles to repair first. If you cannot help to exercise, you can mix exercises. For instance, if you do a leg exercise, you may do an arm exercise the next day. In this case, you are using different muscles. Or, do some lighter workout routines the next day if you have done a heavy one. 

7. Eat the right food 

Eating the food that will not contribute to what you are pushing, may just stop you from reaching the goal. Eating the right food will help you to reach the goal faster. Even if you will like celebrating after the workout, you should avoid eating ice creams and junk food. You will just gain more calories than what you just burned in the workout. But, skipping meals is also not advisable. You are actually making yourself weak and unhealthy by doing that. Eat healthy foods with control so you can replenish the energy you have lost and will also help your muscles to rebuild. 

It is important to do the right thing after you workout. So you will not be able to ruin the goal-- the weight and body you are dreaming of. Having a healthy body with nice curves requires hard work and patience. As much as we need to prepare ourselves before the workout, we also need to remember what we need to do after it so we can achieve better results. 

Can you add some more tips to consider after workout? I'd appreciate that! Leave in the comments. 

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Written by   14
9 months ago
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