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There are interesting facts in the world that we may not believe. I wanted to include some of them in the articles.

  • A snake can sleep 3 years.

  • Honey is the only non-perishable food.

  • The duck's voice does not echo.

  • Starfish do not have brains.

  • Grapes burst in the microwave.

  • A person has at least 1460 dreams a year.

  • The water we drink is 3 billion years old.

  • An ant can live under water for two weeks.

  • Human heart beats 60-80 times a minute.

  • If you put the grape in the microwave, it will explode.

  • Everyone's tongue print is different, just like fingerprints.

  • The billionth digit of the "Pi" number is 9.

  • There are more chickens in the world than humans.

  • Venus is the only planet rotating clockwise.

  • Human hip bone is stronger than concrete.

  • No paper can be folded in 2 more than 7 times.

  • Mehmet had called 229 to 1 million people in Turkey.

  • Apples wake you more up in the morning than coffee.

  • In a gravity-free environment, the candle flame will be in the form of a sphere.

  • Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails.

  • The number of cars is growing 3 times faster than the number of people.

  • You share your birthday with at least 9 million people.

  • A glass of hot water freezes quicker in the refrigerator than cold water.

  • If you count 24 hours a day, it would take 31 thousand 688 years to reach 1 trillion.

  • More Monopoly money is printed in the world in a year than real money.

  • At minus 90 degrees, our breath freezes and falls in the middle of the air.

  • If you add all the veins in our body end to end, it would be 19 thousand 200 kilometers.

  • More English speakers in China than in America.

  • Apples, onions and potatoes taste the same. The difference is only entirely due to their fragrance. Actually, they're all sweet.

  • Because the number 13 is known as ominous, many hotels in the USA do not have rooms on the 13th floor.

  • The tallest person is the 2.72 meter U.S. R.P. who died in 1940. Wadlow.

  • The matchbox-sized gold nugget can be opened like a dough and stretched to the size of a tennis court without tearing it.

  • Einstein started speaking fluently after the age of 9. The family even thought he had mental retardation.

  • Human stretches to get more oxygen and discharge the carbon gas in his body.

  • A person consumes 28-33 thousand liters of air, 500-700 liters of oxygen, 2 kilograms of food a day.

  • The fastest bird in the world is the Throated Swallow. 128 km / h for 3 seconds. has reached speed.

  • Michel Jordan earns more from Nike than any of Nike's Malaysian factory staff in a year.

  • Catching mice without a license is prohibited in Ohio, USA.

  • If you sneeze, hiccup and gas at the same time, you'll explode.

  • When we fall in love, our brain produces "phenylethylamine". This speeds up your heartbeat and makes you happy. There are also chemicals in chocolate.

  • Astronauts cannot cry because there is no gravity in space. Because tears don't fall down.

  • During the First World War, France took over all the taxis in the country and the soldiers were transported to the front in these taxis.

  • In the 1994 World Cup, the names of all 11 players of the Bulgarian football team ended in "OV".

  • Mosquito repellent sprays do not repel flies, they hide you. By blocking the mosquito's receptors, it prevents them from knowing that you are there.

  • Coffee doesn't help a drunk person sober up. In fact, it often increases the effect of alcohol.

  • Eating celery calories expended is more than the calories in the celery.

  • A flea can jump 150 times its size. In order to reach this rate, a person should jump about 30 meters.

  • After clinical death, human can be brought back to life within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the brain cells begin to die, but it is still possible to extend this time for another 5 minutes.

  • A person can live with a kidney and a lung for a long time, without a stomach or spleen, but he cannot live for a minute without a liver.

  • There is more sugar in a kilo of lemons than a kilo of strawberries. It is extremely dangerous to drink alcohol to warm up in cold weather. Alcohol, which causes enlargement of superficial veins, makes you feel like you are warmed for a while, while facilitating the body's heat loss. This also speeds up freezing.

  • Hungarian Yanosh Voven and his wife Sara lived the longest family life in the world. They have lived together for 147 years. Yanosh lived 172, Sara 164 years. Their youngest child was 116 years old when they died.

  • The biggest bird egg is ostrich. It is 15-20 centimeters long and weighs an average of 1.7 kilograms. Boiling cooking lasts 40 minutes.

  • Hedgehogs swim in water.

  • 96 percent of cucumbers is water.

  • Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

  • Coca-Cola's original color is green.

  • Children grow up more in the spring.

  • The cigarette lighter was found before the match.

  • Slugs have four snouts.

  • Uranus is a planet visible to the naked eye.

  • There are more chickens in the world than humans.

  • Snails have around 25,000 teeth.

  • The highest number of children living at a birth is 6.

  • The highest number of children a woman has is 69.

  • The first tower clock was made in 1404 in Moscow.

  • There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet.

  • Crocodiles swallow stones to sink deeper.

  • Chameleons have tongues twice as long as their bodies.

  • The temperature in the world has increased by 0.7 degrees since 1900.

  • Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to fly into space. (1962)

  • Today, fifty percent of married couples get divorced.

Photos from Pixabay.

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