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Snippets from Comic Book Diaries for Mental Health

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4 months ago

Did you realize that helping funnies can make you to have an improved outlook?

Comic journaling or every day funnies are normally made for others to peruse. Much more in this way, they are normally made by "specialists". Yet, imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you that you don't should be a craftsman to make clever funnies that can help your psychological wellness. Imagine a scenario in which you simply take the stressor that is making you tragic and restless and ridicule it. Awful drawing abilities are gladly received and nobody even needs to see it!

Disclaimer: Keep as a main priority that I am not a psychological wellness proficient, so if it's not too much trouble, look for an expert specialist in case you are feeling unwell.

Why Journaling?

Some time back I went over the possibility of journaling for emotional wellness (you can find out about it in this post from the University of Rochester, or this story by

Despite the fact that there are various sorts of diaries you can make, including the one I am expounding on, most specialists or self improvement creators will encourage you to find your musings fully intent on recognizing examples of negative considerations, which you would then be able to address in treatment.

My Story

At the point when I caught wind of journaling I needed to check it out, however recording any adverse musings I had wanted to give them a lot of significance. Doubtlessly these musings about self-uncertainty and dread don't have the right to be recorded! All things considered, I adopted an alternate strategy: What in the event that I ridiculed them? Furthermore, that is the thing that I did.

I purchased a diary with pre-made squares (battling that clear page dread!). With no desire to make decent drawings, I just drew myself as a stick lady and a few nerves and fears zooming around me, both drawn and written in text. And afterward I began ridiculing them. At the outset my humor was somewhat unrefined, however as I had an ever increasing number of thoughts, my funnies and their humor fostered their own style. One of my top choice and shockingly thoughtful funnies is this one of every two sections:

Comic Journaling in Steps

Thus, in case you are at all keen on trying this strategy out, these future the means to follow:

The careful individual that you are, perceive the negative idea or the tension that is upsetting you. This could be something as basic as being not able to settle on a choice on what to eat or something more genuine, such as being jobless.

Discover a logical inconsistency in this adverse idea. There is consistently one, except if you are going through a truly significant issue, in which case you may skirt the comedic part of this activity. An illustration of an inconsistency is in the event that you definitely know the means that will take you to the arrangement of your concern, however you are not making any move (since you are apprehensive or unmotivated to do it). You may be reluctant to begin going after positions and doing all the exploration around it (=solution), yet you really need a task.

Draw this logical inconsistency with stick (wo)men or some other means! You can draw yourself acting in this opposing manner or you can give an actual portrayal to your uneasiness. For instance, a circle with "issue" on it is currently addressing your concern (see a model with "you are fat" beneath). In any case, it will feel great to see them engaging on paper as opposed to torturing your head.

Giggle at your comic.

Save the comic for yourself or choose to show it to a couple of dear companions.

A comic board addressing a young lady attempting to annihilate a discourse bubble saying "You are fat" with a blade.

Great Side Effects

Presently, I don't make these funnies consistently, yet every time I perceive a contention between my negative contemplations and the target voice of reason, I draw it. There is something absolutely fulfilling about seeing these musings drawn and snickered at. It seems like they have been crushed by the force of humor and giggling.

Another significant part of this activity is that it causes you to feel useful and inventive. You draw it and compose it and the comic is there: your own creation taking a gander at you. I feel we don't do what's needed of such manifestations these days any longer.

I trust this story has interested you to attempt to ridicule your inward inconsistencies. Also, no one can say for sure on the off chance that it will release a craftsman inside you!

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Written by   15
4 months ago
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