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The life you are bored with may be someone else's dream

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3 months ago

When we get up in the morning and look in the mirror, we complain that the people we meet every day, the birds and flowers that are always in front of our eyes are all the same, we complain that our days are always the same as if they were printed on a photocopier.

However, the sun rises and sets from a different point every day. In 1 minute, 250 babies are born and 120 people die, a hummingbird flaps its wings 4,000 times, 6 million reactions occur in each cell of the body. Our body produces 3.8 million cells per second. So life works, which is the opposite of death. What we find boring is renewed every moment.

In fact, what is boring is our thoughts that are the same, our thoughts that are not put into action, our soul that is waiting to be discovered, our heart whose wings are broken because of our great expectations. So we are the boring ones.

As someone once said, "whichever way we turn, we hit ourselves". Exactly. When we look at things that are renewed every moment, what we see is boredom, monotony.

Whereas the life you are bored with may be someone else's dream. The history you live today will never be lived again, there is only one of your fingerprints. You are the only one. You don't need big things to be happy, breathing is the greatest happiness. Stop wishing for miracles in your life. When you change your perspective, you will realize that you are already full of miracles.

It's nice to have a friend like you. Isn't it more beautiful for me to write letters to you, trusting in your friendship and loving you, and isn't it the most beautiful for you to read them and have them read? Your presence and the letters written in your presence will perhaps be a light for the future generations who read them. They will not be deniers, and if with these letters we can turn one person away from being a denier, we will add value to the country.

Actually, I want to write to you every day on different topics, but sometimes laziness, sometimes not finding a topic, sometimes lack of inspiration prevent me from doing so. I sit down and write letters to you. I read these letters first, then you, and the letters of friendship attract the attention of readers who care about friendship. May our friendship survive.

Just as stories, novels, TV series and movies adapted from real life stories have an impact on those who watch and read them, I write down what I have experienced in my life and tell you about it sincerely in letters, and those who read them read them. No matter what you write to those who don't want to read. It is our duty to share love and knowledge. If we don't, the responsibility is heavy and burdensome.

We always carry the thought of what tomorrow will be, we remember yesterday with bitter sorrow, whereas we do not know the value of today and waste time.

Let's also tell our children that denial will do more harm than good and that we should think a little bit before denying everything, so that we can do our duty as fathers and mothers to some extent.

I wish you peaceful days.

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Written by   1
3 months ago
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