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This Telegram Bot Allows You To Hire Thousands Of Online Workers!

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10 months ago

My new telegram bot allows anyone to hire thousands of online workers instantly!

Earney Task Manager allows users to earn TRX performing simple online tasks such as following or sharing content, upvoting, commenting, creating articles or short youtube videos, creating memes and graphics, writing - virtually anything you can imagine.

We have thousands of users registered ready to complete these tasks and they will begin work as soon as your job is approved.

To hire the workers, simple start a task and describe what you want done.

For example you could pay users to follow you and retweet your content, or you could pay them to share your link on facebook.

You could pay for the users to upvote you, create graphics and memes, articles, youtube videos.. any task is possible.

You then set a total budget amount for this task and a price per user, and next provide a link to your content.

Once your task has been approved it will be broadcasted in many different telegram channels and groups and the work will begin!

Workers will complete your task and upload proof into the bot, you as the task buyer will check the work and either approve or reject it, you can request the user changes the work or fixes errors.

This bot acts as the middle man between the employer and an army of workers.

The system allows you to hire hundreds or even thousands of real users to do virtually any task, it's cheap and once we have enough users this may be one of the most powerful crypto marketing tools online.

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10 months ago
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