This Telegram Bot Allows You To Earn TRX Doing Simple Online Tasks.

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Earney Task Manager is a new telegram bot that allows you to earn TRX for doing simple online tasks.

Any task can be paid for - including retweeting, following, sharing content, creating articles, youtube videos, joining airdrops and so much more.

Advertisers simply describe the task they want done and provide information on what proof they need to approve the job.

Users perform the task and upload proof into the bot and the task owner will check the work and approve or reject.

This bot allows users to earn big amounts of TRX.. some tasks can pay 50 TRX or even more and there are many new tasks added each day.

Withdrawals are instant and the minimum payout is 15 TRX - the bot is open to anyone on telegram and it's simple to add your own tasks into the bot.

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Really cool

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