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Here Are 5 Mobile Phone Games You Can Play For Free & Earn EOS Tokens!!

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11 months ago

Womplay is a new blockchain based gaming platform running on the EOS blockchain, and today i wanted to show everyone 5 awesome mobile phone games you can play for free AND earn EOS tokens while playing!

The first game available on Womplay is Forge Of Empires.. an awesome looking real time strategy game where you must build up your civilisation from the stone age up until becoming a mighty space faring super power!

This mobile phone game is called Chain Clash, it's a fighting game where you can create your own custom fighters and then pit them against other players, you can win prizes cash and glory!

Chain class has an amazing amount of special moves and combos to master, and with all of the unique features this fighting game is fun to play and best of all it let's you earn cryptocurrency as you move through the different stages.

Crypto Dynasty is a MMORP style mobile phone game, you need to level up your characters and complete different missions to earn points which can then be used to upgrade your characters and progress through the game faster.

Hero zero is a super hero fighting game where you can create your own custom super hero, you can customize all of the features such as costume, facial features, super powers and much more.

You can fight other players online in death matches along with playing single player levels, fight crazy super villians and complete different levels to earn WOM tokens which can be converted into EOS tokens.

EOS Racing is a cool little mobile phone based car racing game, you can upgrade your vehicles, gain power ups and race other users online. The game is smooth to play and has many different levels and stages which will keep you entertained for many hours.

Womplay is a great looking gaming platform and allows users to earn decent amounts of crytocurrency by playing video games.. and who doesn't want to earn money playing games?!

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Excellent article

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Wow never they are many interesting you can get paid for just by playing

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