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Do You Like To Gamble? Get Daily Cash Back For Life With Bet Fury!

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1 year ago

Do you like to gamble using bitcoin? Well so do i, and today i wanted to share with everyone a gambling website that gives you life time cash back based on how much you turn over.

Bet Fury is crypto gambling website that uses BFG tokens, these tokens give you a share of the daily profit generated by this website.

To earn tokens, you simply need to play any of the games, and for each bit of bitcoin you turn over you will generate a small amount of BFG tokens.

Here is my account so far, i spent about $200 and used the dice game and keno to turn over around 1.7 BTC in bets.

This generated over 15,000 tokens, and i will now get my money back in around 150 days. Currently i am reinvesting my daily profits which will increase my daily payouts.

No other gambling website offers this kind of cash back system, and who knows how much the daily profit will be in the future as the dividend pool seems to be growing really fast.

Around a week ago when i took screen shots it was 70 BTC.. the dividend pool is now at over 90 BTC.

Bet Fury also has one of the best affiliate systems and payment systems i have seen, you can withdraw your affiliate earnings instantly as you earn them, withdraw as many times as you want and use this money to gamble or withdraw it to your own wallet whenever you want.

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