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Davy Jones Coin - This Coin Buys Low Cap Gems - Hold And Earn BUSD

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10 months ago

Davy Jones Coin is a new binance smart chain token that buys up low cap gems and add this value into the coins treasury, and you can earn BUSD by simply holding DAVY in your meta mask wallet.

The idea behind this coin is to buy low cap crypto gems and add all of this value into the coins treasure, the more low cap coins and the bigger gains that are made on these smaller coins the higher value DAVY can have.

The team has extensive experience in crypto trading and altcoin investing and has already made a number of great gains on a few small projects.

It's like having your own personal financial manager researching and investing into different low value crypto coins and working hard to generate you more profit.

DAVY has some amazing tokenomics, each transaction done on chain generates BUSD automatically into your wallet, it's one of the easiest ways to earn a passive income and its fully decentralized and anonymous.

This project is very new and the supply of DAVY is very low, at only 10M coins. The marketcap started off at under 10k, and is now around 50k.

Website -

Telegram -

Twitter -

Exchange -

Disclaimer - I hold DAVY and have a vested interest the project succeeding, please never invest money you can't afford to lose and always do your own research.

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10 months ago
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Vet nice

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8 months ago

This token looks fascinating and interesting. I might try to check this out later on. Thanks for sharing.

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10 months ago