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Cake Defi - Defi Blockchain - Stake ETH / BTC / DOGE - Up To 94% Profits Yearly!!

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Cake DeFi is a decentralized finance system that operates on it's own blockchain, Defi Chain and offers a number of powerful decentralized financial tools.

Currently the profits for staking and lending are huge.. up to a whopping 94% yearly APY can be achieved when staking DFi coin.

This chain has it's own decentralized exchange and earns profits by liquidity mining, coin staking, masternode staking and lending coins.

We are able to send tokenized assets such as bitcoin and ethereum on defi chain, create new assets for example.. say bitcoin cash - and then allow users to earn profits liquidity mining, loans and staking coins on the platform.

Defi chain - decentralized exchange full node

The easiest way to earn profit with this system is by staking DFi on the platform, it currently pays 94% profit yearly and the staking pools payout every 12 hours.

It's free to deposit, stake and unstake, and sending coins on Dfi chain costs virtually nothing. You can buy DFi on Kucoin exchange and a number of other crypto exchanges, it's currently trading at a bit over $4 each and has a marketcap of around 1.8 billion.

Currently there is a limited time bonus of $30 in free DFi tokens, all you need to do is use my referral link here and deposit $50 or more.

Your bonus will be automatically staked for 180 days so you can't withdraw it, although it will be generating profits and by the time it's ready to withdraw you will have at least 45% more coin.

This is one of the most powerful decentralized financial systems and allows for a full suite of loans and investments and as more users deposit bitcoin and ethereum and use these coins for transactions on DeFi chain, the value of the token has a good chance of increasing in price over time.

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