My first time

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2 years ago

It is my first time here, I don’t have any idea what to write. But the only thing I know is to share what inside my mind today. It is a very exhausted day today. This February 14,2021 is our upcoming virtual celebration anniversary in our school where I work. Everyone are so busy. Some of my co workers are dancers, their task are to dance. They are divided by 3 teams, retro dancers, pop dancers and contemporary dancers. I belong to retro dancers. But since I have a very slow memory and have problem in dancing(I don't know how to dance) I asked my boss not to dance anymore instead I will help my other Co worker to be in their group, the technical team. Happily my boss agreed. And now I will help them edit the videos must be edit.

So happy to write my firs article here. thanks a lot. God bless us all.

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