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Earn Money Reviewing Crypto Websites

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1 year ago

It's not quite long I discovered this awesome Crypto Website called Revain .org. I didn't believe it's working until I did some quick review tasks on the platform which paid me about 3 RVN tokens which I immediately withdrew to my ERC- 20 wallet, that is my ether wallet. The website is about doing some reviews on crypto companies online. Most of the popular crypto companies like Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitcoin etc are part of these companies you can review. You earn some crypto tokens called RVN which are tokens of the company , these RVN tokens can be converted to REV tokens during withdrawals. Again I discovered that REV tokens are listed on the coinmarketcap with more than 1 cent. I became very much interested about the project and since then I have been earning RVN tokens every day and week. You can join this amazing website and earn REV tokens every day and make money. You can also earn RVN by making comments and clicking likes on other reviewer works. In the Revain platform you grow from level 1 to level 10 by attaining some achievements which compensate you with some RVN tokens. The possibility of earning is not limited on the Revain review platform. The company also have a referral program for you to invite your friends and loved ones to participate and earn some 5 RVN tokens per invitee. Infact the companies is very legit. Join here: and make online income on a daily and weekly.

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I have already registered to this revain website.But I dont know the withdraw process😑😶

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1 year ago