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Create Multiple Streams Of Crypto Income To Survive In This Hard Time

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2 years ago

Multiple streams of Income means different sources of making money. There is an adage in Africa that says and I quote: 'A Rat that has one hole does not live long'

For you to survive in this hard time you should create different sources of passive income.

There are two income generation processes that I know which include Online and offline. Many of the income sources come from these two methods.

Offline sources means our paid jobs which we receive salary,agric farming,gold mining,Oil extraction, sales from physical stores etc. Many of us are employed by companies and organisations where we earn income from them. All of the above are offline activities.

Online sources means our internet based business like paid to post programs, Crypto bounty program,Article writing etc. That's where 'Read.Cash' comes into play. We need the online business to supplement the offline business for us to survive in this covid-19 global pandemic period.

There are other online businesses that we need to do to increase our different sources. For instance 'Uptrend' is another similar business like Read.Cash. You can also join that program and earn extra income. For me most of my online businesses are Crypto based.

So in a nutshell you need multiple streams of income to survive in this hard time. Maybe you can create up to 10 different types of income sources to meet up with this hard time. The time is now!

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