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A Girl from the school (Based on true story)

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1 year ago

The tragedy of the 1960s. It is a true story.

A 16-year-old tenth-grade student.It was around 1960. Her beauty is amazing.It is natural for a girl to love beauty.But she is more than that.His pride is as high as the rain.She is the most beautiful girl in the whole school and the boys are interested in her.But no girl is right with her.It is because of the natural jealousy of women.

July 18, 1960.

That was the last day I saw her.One day before that day,one of her classmates called her,

"See you at school tomorrow

I have a question I do not understand and I made an appointment."

She also said that tomorrow was a school holiday.She wondered why she was dating.A very simple and beautiful woman went. As soon as she get to school,a girl who date with her pulled her hand and draft to the back of the toilet.One girl sewed her leg and another hand l. The other girl attack with the sword which bring before dating to her entire face.

Cut with a knife and throw with salt.It was dumped in the ditch behind the toilet.That night her parents worried her because of she was not coming back.They went to school because they was worried their daughter.

At first, think no one is there and they comeback home.Their daughter died when the school reopened the next day.School as soon as they hear about it.They immediately followed her to school.As soon as they saw his daughter's face.There, both parents were devastated.She died.Their family has no relative.No one shares them equally

Their bodies were cremated.There is no news from the girl's parents since then.The girl's news spread throughout the school,though she could not be heard.She was brutally murdered.The beautiful girl went to all the schools,School after school.

She was known to be wandering around. She has no location, schools are her home.

She was the unlucky girl behind the school toilet.

The massage was "Dangerous,Jealousy,Annoyance" are being there behind the mean of 'B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L".

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Written by   52
1 year ago
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