The Roles of Instinct and Ego

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7 months ago

Human beings are the most helpless of all beings. However, this helplessness has been compensated by the reason and conscience given to man, and the will has made man conform to nature.

This cannot be said of other living beings. For example, animals are dominated by instinct and do not have developed conscience. If they do, it is very partial. Of course, this deficiency in animals does not prevent them from living as they should. Just as a river follows its own course, animals live their lives in a certain routine. They are also very adaptable to natural conditions.

In addition, they have no individual egos. For example, a lion doesn't boast about its ancestry. It doesn't say we are the kings of the animal kingdom. It minds its own business. It does what is necessary for itself or its family. It lives in the moment, as it should. Perfectly As a result, the desire for superiority or egoism is not found in animals.

And man? It is not so. Let's start with helplessness; yes, man is helpless. He cannot live in nature without any means at his disposal. On top of a mountain or in a forest, if there is no equipment to shelter him, if there are no materials to feed him, he cannot live in such an environment for very long. Therefore, man is first and foremost a helpless being.

Therefore, man was able to cope with nature with the reason he was given. With the conscience he possesses, he has felt the need to live in peace with nature.

It cannot be said that he has been able to achieve peace against nature completely. This deficiency is entirely due to his inability to provide his conscience. He is also scattered within himself. Man, who behaves egoistically towards nature, also behaves egoistically towards human beings. Let us explain what this egoism is.

For example, it is the idea that a trait is exclusive to oneself. If we go back in history, we find the system of slavery. The respectable and the slaves... Even the so-called respectable class is divided within itself. Like the obsession that men are superior to women. Or we see tribes that live the opposite. Like the obsession that women are superior to men. Is it enough? No, it's not! Then the obsession with social superiority comes into play. As a result, life becomes a potential war.

From the moment it goes beyond what it should be, evil starts to appear. The desire to be me, the desire to be mine is a sufficient reason to disrupt the natural flow. Individual egoism progresses towards becoming social egoism. Of course, power becomes important and people set up a system to gather sides for themselves. Power, on the other hand, loses its control and grows like an avalanche, crushing everyone in its path.

A world where power is considered right while the right should be strong is a focus of evil. A global evil.

In this system, goals are not short-term. Success is not expected in a short time. It takes many years. It is so thoroughly worked out that its effects may not become apparent until a century later. Like poison in the blood, it slowly destroys the normal order.

Social values begin to be destroyed from within. In other words, assimilation, the first rule of egoism, comes into play. Riots are created over beliefs, over women and children, or over other criteria that can make a noise in society. There is a mind at the top, but the people in the system become the hands and arms of that mind, and without knowing what kind of system they are serving, they adopt everything as if it is normal or as if it is the way things should be.

While so many details are being worked out over years, people who cannot control their reason and conscience are easily enslaved in evil. Those who can manage their intellect and conscience are in a struggle against evil.

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7 months ago