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The hidden strength.

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1 month ago

Giving chances to a relationship over and over again is not easy. It is impossible to maintain a healthy relationship with a mentally unstable partner.

There is no other solution for mentally unstable people other than to isolate them from the community. Give them to the professional and pray that they can be cured.

I am not sure whether mental illness can be reversed or not but I am quite sure that they will have a hard time facing society.

Having a mentally ill partner is not an easy life to go through. Deciding to get the mental health professionals or to keep on staying with them is not an easy decision to make.

It would always feel like "I need to run".

Running away is not a solution. They need help and we are the only ones they have. If we leave them who else do they have? I know it is frustrating, lonely, frightening, and filled with unanswered questions. Stop doing anything for a while. Take a deep breath, calm yourself and you will find out that you already have all the answers you needed.

They said if you have not fallen deep enough until you met the end of the road, you will never understand the meaning of prayer and the love of God. Once you have been hurt enough there will only be three paths available to be followed.

One is you keep falling.

Two is you become stronger.

Three is that you become numb.

Which would you prefer?

As for me, the second option is the hardest but also the best. The definition of strength in this kind of condition is not measurable because even the smallest thing you are working on is considered one of your strongest acts.

I used to think that love is the strongest act but now I think that love alone is not enough. If you have the strongest love or affection in your heart but you do not dare to lose the person you love because of the right decision, it is not enough.

Losing is the strongest act of love we can do especially for a mentally stressed person. They will be angry with our decision, and they might leave us and hate us for the rest of our life but they will be saved and become better. We would regret not getting them professional help no matter what the consequences will be.

Let me tell you that the strongest act of love is damn hurtful but worth the pain. No matter what our decision is we just need to stay beside them until they no longer need us. Perhaps we are not the person they needed but we can always be a loyal companions even by sitting quietly beside them.

The pain is worth their happiness.

The only question will be is whether, are we strong enough to take a step.

Some said that if we truly love someone, we are willing to let go of our happiness. I believe that the one we are letting go of is not our happiness but our sole egoistic character.

It will always start with "No, I cannot take this anymore" but in the end, we will find out that we are still in the same place we started. Well, after hard work it would be disappointing in staying at the same place but what if that place is right beside the person we love. The only things that change are our perspectives.

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Written by   6
1 month ago
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If you truly love someone you let him/her go... that's what I told myself. I no longer believe it's a sign of love. it's a sign of giving up.

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1 month ago

Sometimes giving up is a lot easier than holding on.

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1 month ago