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In a writing platform, we often hear the sentence, 'Good Quality Contents'. I did.

What does it actually mean?

Some say that if you can write a long article of 600 words and above, all about facts or a lot of pictures and many more. It is not as easy as that. Writing is simple but to make it something worth the read is another story.

Who said that your thought does not count as good quality content?

If your writing can give some positive vibes, some awakening or perhaps some new bits of knowledge to others then it is counted as good quality content. Well, at least for me.

What does it actually mean?

Writing is something merely from your own thoughts without referring to others writing as a guide is called original content.

Writing by using others as references is called based evidence articles. This one needs to be written with proper citation, including pictures and short sentences like quotes.

Everyone can write whatever they wanted to write but not every writer will go through their own writing after they finished it. If we ourselves cannot finish reading what we wrote ourselves, how do we expect others to do so?

While we are reading our own article again, why not take the chance to see if there is any grammar error? If we are not good at grammar, the Grammarly application can help. If that does not work, then we can at least make sure that our spelling and punctuation are correct. I will give a few examples below.

im tried to write in grammer and spling wrong so that I can show u an important reading experience.

Try reading it again below.

I am trying to write sentences that have grammar and spelling errors so that I can show you the importance of the reading experience.

Which do you think gave you a better reading atmosphere?

The second sentences is a bit longer than the first one, but then you can see that the place where I put in a 'coma' punctuation gave you a second to breathe, before you continue reading.

I wrote the errors myself, therefore I have no problem deciphering the message I want to delivers. If I put myself as a reader, the first sentence will give my brain hard work just to read.

All of this, I believe is the minimum requirements for good quality contents.

It is not about what we write but the way we deliver our message through our writing.

What is it that we want the readers to expect after they are done reading? Are they happy? Satisfied? Wondering? Waiting for our next post?

To write with better grammar use and lesser spelling errors...

You can use the Grammarly app. It can be used on both smartphone and laptop or computer. Sometimes it does not work well with a poor internet connection but you can always double-check after saving as draft or publishing.

If you need a tool for word counts...

You can use WordCounter.

If you need prompts or ideas for writing...

You can use Writing exercises and prompts.

If you want to challenge yourself by using a timer for writing...

You can use V.Clock

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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