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It sounds weird for a new account to write this kind of topic. Isn't it? This is my second account. I will be sharing my experiences in cryptocurrency through this account with the hope to give a stepping stone to all beginners not only in itself but also beyond I am also quite a beginner in all this but I will try to make it easier to understand.

Well, as I mention in the title First thing First. I am going to talk about the mindset in cryptocurrency through this article.

Why is mindset is the first important thing?

When this platform is promoted to me with the sentence, "Do you want to earn?" Of course, I do because money is crucial. It is not because money is the most important thing in my life but because I needed to have money to survive. The only challenge is whether I can face all the difficulties and learn through experiences or just give it up if I fail to earn in few articles compare to others.

Should I compare my gain to the others or should I investigate my mistake so that I can improve myself?

The second choice is the wise decision. Sometimes another person will help to show my mistakes to me, but it feels better if I can realize the mistakes on my own and correct them immediately.

Nothing comes for free.

Even though this platform offers free registration and pays for our written articles according to our quality of articles, it does not mean that it is absolutely free. The efforts we gave for each of our articles are not free. The brainstorming that we made to write a beneficial read to others are not free. It all need energy and that is what we are paid for.

Do you think that the energy you spent on this platform worth the BCH that you got? Or perhaps you are wondering why you are not paid for anything yet?

If you read carefully every written article here, you will realize the efforts given for each article. Some article has a good storyline but then it is full of grammar and spelling errors which in my opinion reduce the quality of reading to all readers. It spoils the mood and the wonderful content of the story.

I know that not everyone here uses English as their first language and so is I.

This is where the learning part comes in. I learn from my mistake and I improve myself bit by bit. I am still not the best of me in writing but it does not mean that I will give up on my goals which are to make cryptocurrency as my side incomes and pay all my debts. Plus, I want to have an early pension if I can be successful in cryptocurrency.

I deliberately create this account to get to know the feeling of authors that claimed they are not earning too. The existent of this second account is somehow affecting my original account but then it is alright. It is like climbing the stairs again after they descend.

I have been upvoting myself to make this account surface but after reading the articles once again, I notice that it is against the rules they give. Therefore I stopped immediately. I believe I once read that it is alright to create a second account to separates niche, so I re-think and I thought that maybe the quality of my article perhaps has reduced and I need to review it again.

Have you ever Re-read your own article?

If you have not then you better try doing so. This is how I find my own mistake and improve myself from there. If this is not working then just go and read all published article by, it will help to move forward in this platform. as the name already mention is a place to read therefore someone must write something good to read.

This is the mindset that we need to have here. If we want to earn here, I believe that this is the first level that we need to go through first. Leave the earning behind for a while and work on improving at least the content and spelling of our articles. Try to aim for longer articles with benefits I guess. This is all just my personal opinion. To prove this I will see if I can get some love through this ne account. If I didn't after I have worked my best then it is time to find another solution or just do multiple tasks at a time.

In conclusion,

Never blame the platform because we are the users that sow the benefits.

It is up to the admin or the creator to decide whether they want to reward us or not. Every project has its goals to achieve. We might not be a part of it but at least we have tried our best so we have nothing to regret. If it does not work, maybe this is not for us.

Do not be discourage.

Cryptocurrency is a wide topic to discuss therefore the opportunity is also large. It is up to us to find a way that we can compromise and perform well with.

Respect to be respected.

Speech is free but respect should not be neglected. Learn to respect ourselves then to respect others before we can expect others to respect us. If you think you have written quite a good article, would you be happy to receive a comment that only say, "Nice"?

If you cannot comment or express your thought for what you read, tips and upvote would be nicer. Some work hard on writing to provide readers with pleasant reading. Should we complain if we ourselves cannot even care about our own article? spelling and grammar.

That is all for part one. I will be writing about reponsibility in my next article.

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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