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Choosing BCH

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1 year ago

I am not a crypto expert but I would like to learn more about it because I want to make cryptocurrency one of my future financial plan. Since knowing I am able to cover for important expenses like my daughter milk powder and diapers, some of our groceries, my breakfast and lunch during work.

In addition, BitcoinCash(BCH) have lower transaction fees compare to Bitcoin and Ethereum. During the Movement restriction Order in my country, BCH has been one of my financial support.

I exchange BCH for fiat and it can at least cover for my transportation to work expenses. I wish to earn more BCH through this platform, just like the other who earn more than $1000 per article but then I think my writing is probably not as good as them and my knowledge if far below theirs.

If I can at least earn more than $20 for each article that I write that would be a blessings. I am not going to beg for upvote but I am going to work hard to earn it. $20 is consider small for some but it is already a big amount for me, therefore my goals is to work hard on earning at least $20 for each article that I write.

As for now, I only have $2.52 for this account and some of it are taken form my first account so that I can at least give a small tips to any other article that I find interesting.

I will research on my articles and see if there is something I can do to improve achieve that goals. If I find out something, I will be happy to share it with you guys. I will not take any short cut by spamming or begging for upvotes.

I want to prove that efforts will be paid equally. I might give up in the middle but I will try my best to keep on going for I believe that giving up will only give me regrets.

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It is good to set goals but it would be good if you invest too. If you spend everything you will be in trouble again and without savings soon.

I don't know how frequently you write and if $20 per article is realistic. Perhaps if you write longer articles the random rewarded finds it interesting but those tips are given by someone else. What your article misses is a certain information. Something people can use. Now and in the future. Personally, I can not say every article is worth that amount. Why not? Because it's all the same, nothing new. I guess for that fat tip you need to be noticed or befriended first too. Good luck dear.

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1 year ago

I started investing earlier this year and I managed to save some. I did use half of it for groceries again last month but I still have some left that is worth savings. I save some of earning into celsius wallet and some of the into nexo. A part of it I put into Luno Wallet and I will see how it goes in this few months.

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1 year ago