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Three elements of the currency circle: fast, accurate, and cruel! 

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6 months ago

We need to know very clearly: the bull market does not mean that you can make money, there are many people who lose money in the bull market!  misjudgment of market prices, high-end orders, and so on.

You can ask the people around you, many people spit out bull market profits in 2018, and even lost a lot. The main reason for the loss in the bull market is the wrong purchase of coins , but buying the right currency can lead to the peak of life!

So the first step to making money in a bull market is to buy the right currency, followed by fast, accurate, and cruel!

Now that I have selected several hundred times of high-quality coins, I am going to tell you, maybe you will ask why such good projects are making money. In fact, it is very simple. Everyone is a fellow in the currency circle. Friends were cut leek, even jumped off the building and so on. 


Yesterday, the pie bounced slightly above 7200, but on the daily basis, it is still suppressed by the 7-day moving average, and the short-term market is weak. Generally speaking, the rhythm of the market's callback and consolidation is still going on. We have not seen the opportunity to reverse the rebound for the time being. It is recommended to continue to wait patiently. The upper resistance level pays attention to the vicinity of 7600, and the lower support pays attention to the 7000 mark. Operational recommendations: Focus on support: 7000, resistance: 7600. Specific entry points can be added for micro-inquiries. The operation needs to be cautious, take good profit and stop losses, do not follow orders blindly, do not be greedy, and close when you see it.


In recent days, the volume energy is not strong and the rebound force is limited. To break the bottom range, it still needs a broad market Cooperate. The upper resistance continues to pay attention to the vicinity of 156, and the lower support pays attention to the vicinity of 140. Operation suggestion: Pay attention to support level: 140, resistance level: 145. Specific entry points can be added for micro-consultation. Operation needs to be cautious. Take good profit and stop loss. Don't follow orders blindly. Don't be greedy.


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Written by   42
6 months ago
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