Evil February 17

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1. The stock market rose sharply.

One is because the opening will increase on the weekend, which makes it easier for companies to ask for money in the primary market. One is because today's cut in the medium-term lending rate, which means that the cost of getting money from financial institutions is reduced.
The reason for this is that
one has to make up for it because the economic perspective has predicted the damage caused by the shutdown. The first is because this year there are still tasks for a well-off society.
The analogy is that
there is a pit to hide.
There is a goal to jump around.
So add water.
Adding water is to increase the amount of water, not because there should be more water. This is like the water is rising. If you want the boat to rise, you need to replenish the lost water and increase the water to raise the water level.
This is a quarter-level adjustment for the goals of the annual level and the difficulties of the monthly level.
Not the nature of the business. But good is good, so it can go up.
To sum up, the above is giving money. Validated the previous point that water release would be easy.

2. The currency circle market

Directly concluded: normal callback.
BTC fell 7%, accumulating 52%. Explain that the market is worry-free.
BSV fell by 25%, accumulating 250%. Retracement of 10% ETC fell 24%, accumulating 170%. Retracement of 14%
BCH fell 22%, a cumulative 126%. 17% retracement The above ranking is the resistance ranking of the three coins. The higher the ranking, the more resistance. In other words, the stronger.
This shows that the concept of halving the leading plate has withdrawn 10% -17%, which is normal and not dangerous. The data is not dangerous to see the spot, but futures is another picture. Let's just discuss the spot.

ETH fell 11%, with a cumulative 116%, with a maximum of 144%. EOS dropped 20%, with a cumulative 97% and a maximum of 153%. The public chain segment is a secondary segment, not the current main rhythm segment.
Yesterday I said a few more words about EOS, and today I make up a few words. Compared to ETH, the premium of EOS is over, and it is considered to have returned to normal levels. 214 concept has disappeared, followed by the overall rhythm of the public chain plate, is a secondary rhythm, is with the rising plate, according to the previous statement, is the filter beauty, not natural beauty.
BNB accumulated 124%, dropped 15%, HT accumulated 124%, decreased 10%, OK accumulated 223%, decreased 5% and MX accumulated 205%, decreased 10%. Platform currency has no futures pressure and has little impact. If the market does not end, the rhythm of the platform coin section will not end.


It has gone up for eight days, has fallen for 4 days, and can fall for another 3 days. However, the retracement in 2020 is very short, and this time I hope to rest for a few days. The halving plate is doubled. Now it has fallen and has not returned to the 60-day moving average. This is to clear up the futures, not the end of the market.

Operation The mid-term rise is now the second phase of the rise. In the short term, I hope to fall for a few days, although the first two times I said to fall for a few days, the next day it will rise. But I still want to see a fall.
Today's point of view is that sending money is within expectations. Increasing liquidity. Difficulties remain, but lows will not return.
Normal callback, 17% callback ratio is normal.

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This is nive analysis of top crypto. Did know that there was such drop in price. Hope it will regaid soon

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