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Bitcoin Cash Latam is raising money to drive BCH adoption in Latin America

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BCHLatam is a business organization dedicated to promoting digital currencies in Latin America. It joined BCH in November last year. BCHLatam's vision is to promote offline adoption of BCH, and for this long-term plan, it hopes to improve the understanding and use of Bitcoin Cash in Latin America through various strategies including merchant adoption, international remittances, B2B transactions, and international trade. BCHLatam plans to launch Bitcoin Cash commons in Latin America (BCH Sharing Program), which will provide developing countries with the unique value of BCH through BCH, and eventually make Bitcoin Cash an international currency in Latin America.


BCHLatam was once DashLatam. In 16 months, it has signed 1304 merchants, conducted 159 events, directly attracted 5,000 new users, and many other outstanding records. BCHLatam is a team that specializes in promoting digital currency offline adoption, with approximately 80 employees in 19 cities and 7 Latin American countries. BCHLatam's goal is to attract more users' attention to Bitcoin Cash in Latin America, and it also hopes to arouse the interest of ordinary people in BCH in English-speaking countries.

PAN token funding plan

In order to realize the Latin American BCH promotion plan, BCHLatam initiated fundraising and issued an SLP token PAN (exchange ratio 1BCH = 100PAN) that can be exchanged for BCH. Users can purchase PAN tokens to become the driving force behind the development of Bitcoin Cash utilities. If you want to participate in the BCH Latam crowdfunding 2020, users can view the information on and DEX to buy PAN tokens freely without anyone's permission (PAN project is a venture capital project, investment is risky, users Be cautious).

What's the use of pan tokens?

Each BCH can be exchanged for 100 PAN tokens and currently has the following uses:

  1. A unique badge that supports or supports BCHLatam can be displayed on the profile or wherever SLP tokens are displayed.

  2. When the BCHLatam business continues to advance, in addition to the merchant's support for BCH, it will also promote support for PAN, and merchants will also accept PAN as one of the payment method options.

  3. After BCHLatam promotes the application of gamification, PAN holders will receive corresponding application rewards as the participation capital for the program.

4.BCHLatam will promote PAN to be listed on the exchange in the future, and holders can exchange cash for BCH or other funds.

5. PAN holders can participate in project dividends in the future, and BCHLatam promises to use 45% of the profits for user dividends (through the SLP dividend calculator).

For investors, the PAN project is a risky investment project, but for the BCH community, this is also a path to help BCH's ecological development.

BCH commons

BCHLatam's financing plan is ongoing. If BCHLatam raises enough funds, BCHLatam will start a for-profit business plan, such as BCH commons. If funding goals are not met, BCHLatam will establish a BCH commons in Latam, which can serve the BCH business plan for many people until BCHLatam can execute its own business plan.

Sum up

All in all, the BCHLatam organization, as a professional organization to promote the development of the digital currency ecology, has rich experience and resources in the professional field. Especially in Latin America, it has not always been a region where BCH has been frequently used. The PAN project may also become the BCH business plan initiation project in Latin America. But in the final analysis, the PAN project is still a risky commercial project, and investors still need to consider it carefully. The community will continue to follow the PAN project and the subsequent development of BCHLatam.

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7 months ago
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Thanks for writing about my project! One small clarification.

"BCHLatam will start a for-profit business plan, such as BCH commons"

I would say the for-profit business plan includes commons, but is far from limited to them.

Full info at and email to request a copy of the business plan.

Thanks again!

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7 months ago