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2 years ago
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Day by day, a new personal blog is added among the existing blogs, while another personal blog is dead. I have always written on personal blogs and continue to do so. I don't know why, but personal blogs have a very different place in me. Because there is a life inside your personal blog.

When you enter a technology blog, you know what will happen on that blog, but when you enter a personal blog, you don't know what will happen in that blog. As I said before, there is a life in personal blogs.

People always wonder about other people's lives. That is why the followers of personal blogs do not leave the blog they follow easily. Its followers are indispensable for a blog. 10 thousand visitors a day, who what? When the blogger opens the admin panel, he / she should be happy with each comment he / she receives.

But these days I see personal blogs disappearing one by one. Even those that do not disappear are not updated. I'm really sorry for this situation. So I want to give some advice to friends who are just starting to keep a personal blog. Actually, it is not enough to give advice, but with the experience of keeping a blog for about 3 years, I wanted to slander a few humble things.

First of all, for friends who are starting to keep a new personal blog, I have to say that if you are tired of writing or I don't think anything to write, do not open a blog. Because both are ridiculous reasons. If you're tired of writing, I ask why did you start a blog. It is also the biggest lie of personal blog owners that they cannot find anything to write. If we compare it with the technology blog, the thing to write on the technology blog is limited. A few news and reviews. But it is not so on a personal blog. Believe me, dozens of things come to my mind every day. I always say I write when I go home and I forget when I come home.

There is no such thing as not being able to find something to write once. This is the refined version of I don't want to write. Didn't you find anything? Write the mountain, write the stone, write the flowers, write the insects… If you think of things to write when you are away from the computer and say that you will write when you go home - it has happened to every blog owner - be sure to take note. Now I don't know if you take notes on the phone or on paper. Even write down sentences that come to mind. Actually, the best thing is to write the topic that comes to your mind directly on the blog, but this is not always the case. When you start writing directly, it seems as if your writing comes out of your fingertips, just like me now.

Don't forget to update your blog. Once a day, twice a day… Now that's up to you. Because your followers will definitely visit the blog once a day, even if you do not update the blog. Of course, they get bored after a while, rightly. You visit a blog every day for a month and see that there are no updates at the end of a month. If it were me, I wouldn't follow it personally

Don't be afraid to write. If possible, keep your personal blog anonymous. If you ask why, you don't have to worry that this will see, this will see. There are a lot of articles that I wanted to write but could not write or something, someone sees or something, saying what the person will say. So it's best to hide your identity. But still you know.

Do not pry into unfamiliar matters. Well, do not say that he wrote this about politics, let me write a political article. Before writing an article, research it to the finest detail. At least when someone asks you a question you can answer.

Do not be upset that the articles you wrote do not receive comments. Or be sad. Because I think comments are the food of the blogger. But do not close your blog because there are no comments.

Don't try to be marginal. Be what you are at your core. Do not introduce yourself to people differently. One day, you will be an opposite corner.

Keep your blog organized. A messy blog is the number one follower loss. So make your theme selection properly. When you look at the popular personal blogs, you will see that they all have their own theme. My advice is to start a personal blog with a special theme. Because the blog owner is known for writing in ten percent with ninety percent themes. I don't think I need to give an example for this. You can check out popular personal blogs.

Don't overwhelm your blog with advertisements to make money.

Remember, if you want to be followed, you have to follow.

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