Ideas about yobit exchange

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I was the first to use Yobit Exchange in the crypto world. And with Yobit, I've been able to learn almost everything in the crypto world. I first worked on a forum site and all the money I earned from it was deposited in the Yobit Exchange. This meant that Yobit was paid to post on the forum to promote his work. And the name of that forum is Cryptotalk. I used to work in this forum but didn't understand anything, but as a result of posting I can slowly learn about the crypto world. And learn to trade in Yobit.

However, Yobit is not such a good exchange. You won't find many coins here. They only left a few good coins. However, I do not like all the systems of this exchange. This exchange only makes shit token. And they use that shit token to create greed among the users. At first, the price of the tokens is good, but after a while the tokens die. This means that the value of the token decreases.

In the early days of the crypto world, I had very little knowledge, which led to a lot of losses by investing in Yobit's shit token. And those tokens are 2 years old, but I can't sell them, because the tokens are worthless.

Then I started mining at Yobit Exchange and started this mining and I got more losses. Because they have to say that there is no price for their mined tokens.

But three days ago I deposited BNBBSC in Yobit, and then BCS is not in their trading volume. Then I thought I wasted my dollars. But finally after doing a lot of research I saw that they have the opportunity to convert to BTC through BSC swap. Then I swap those dollars and converted to BTC. And then I converted BTC to USD.

Then I bought shit token again to invest. I have purchased a water token, and with this token you can earn 3% interest per day. So I invested and left the day when the profit will be sold.

However, for me, Yobit is not such a good exchange, there is no opportunity here. Kucoin can't be like Binance. Because the team of this exchange has no plan. And you can't develop any project without a plan.

Listening to my story, how was good did you think Yobit? But has anyone used this exchange? Russian users are the most in this exchange.

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