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Water Disruption!!!!

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3 months ago

Water disruption calls for storage of water in whichever ways we can think of. This round our Local Water Supplier stated that there will be water cut for 4 days due to maintenance and upgrade. They have sent notice since 3 weeks ago.

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So What to Do?

We did our part to prepare for it by storing water in every possible container, bottle and even pot. I washed all my dirty laundry last night before the water cut started today. I bathed my 2 boys and myself earlier before everything runs dry. By 2pm, my kitchen tap has become completely dry without a single drop. My bathrooms still have a bit of water flowing out but much weaker flow. I have separated the water storage to 3 different usages: flushing toilet and bathing, washing dishes, and finally for drinking purposes.

I believe it is much harder to live without water now hence we do learn to appreciate and not waste water. Some of my friends' places are not affected though they are listed in the affected areas so if we really need water, we may need to seek help from them. Every drop of water is precious now!

Will be doing some cooking that require lesser water as packing food will also be difficult since generally my surrounding areas are all faced with the same problem. The Water Supplier has sent out the latest circular that they estimate to be able to complete work tonight by 11pm and then from tomorrow 5pm onwards, water supply will resume gradually. We can get through this!

Let's really hope water can be back as quick as possible, especially when the weather is muggy hot now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 34c!

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Written by   2
3 months ago
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