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Visited the Aquaria with the Fam

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8 months ago

Last Tuesday, I bought tickets to visit our local sea aquarium called the Aquaria KLCC. It was my eldest son's dream come true. I have always planned for it since 2 years ago but due to the pandemic, we have postponed this visit again and again until last week.

Coincidentally, the learning theme for his school this month is sea creatures. His teacher showed him a video of the Aquaria so he asked me about it. Before he returns to physical school, I was thinking let's seize this opportunity and do it.

I chose a Tuesday because there are lesser crowd on a weekday. I bought tickets through Shopee Malaysia's seller, Travelog which offers tickets at a cheaper price. Next, I booked our appointment with Aquaria as they are controlling the crowd allowing a certain number of visitors per hour.

With that assurance, I decided to go ahead for a non-peak hour and after all, the time limited to visitors is about one hour only for now.

The Aquaria KLCC started operating since August 2005, and I did pay a visit to it in 2008 bwfore I got married and have children. It has 60,000 square feet with different areas including: the Evolution Zone, the Stream, the Shipwreck, Deep Forest, the Coast, Living Ocean, Station Aquarius and lastly the Weird and Wonderful. It also has the longest underwater tunnel in Malaysia as long as 90 metre, though my mother-in-law said comparatively, the one in Sentose Singapore is better. It showcases many of our local iconic spesies like the Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Stingrays and Giant Groupers.

We first were greeted by the piranhas when I was amazed by their glowing scales.

Next we saw some horseshoe crabs and brown bamboo baby sharks.

To be honest, I really cannot remember all of the names of the sea creatures but we did see some otters, clownfish and pacific blue tang before my son wanted to take a photo with a pirate flag haha! Of course he exclaimed, "Look Mummy it is Nemo and Dory!"

We then took the elevator down a floor. This was an alligator garfish that has the mouth like that of an alligator but it is a fish.

So I took most of the photos in this underwater tunnel. My sons were most excited to see a lot of stingrays and also sharks because the baby shark goes doo doo doo doo. Thanks to the viral song hahah! We also saw schools of fishes everywhere.

Next we went to another area where we saw lobsters, octopus, some spinefish, jellyfish and seahorses.

Overall, it was a good experience for my children to see some sea creatures underwater. My eldest son used to very like stingrays and wished to see them. One hour was definitely sufficient for us. We went in at 405pm and exited at 510pm. As we were walking out, I realize the crowd at 5 pm was even lesser.

Think that would be memorable for my eldest son because he really does remember almost everything we have done with him. Hence quality time spent with them is very important.

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Written by   3
8 months ago
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