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My Children Asked for Another Picnic!

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8 months ago

The weather was fine yesterday and it was ny only day off for this week. The boys needed some where to run and just be children so we went to the park again for some scooting and running.

Visiting the same park but on a weekday is a totally different feeling. There were lesser people and for the first time, the playground was empty without any children. Usually, my children could not even get their hands on the facility. Yesterday, they managed to scoot, played in the playground, running up and down some little hills and played basketball/football.

I took opportunity to go for some runs and walks on the tracks surrounding the park. Later on, someone decided to join me too.

I love my portable picnic mat! It is foldable and does not occupy space at all after it is kept. A dear friend commented that I put in a lot of effort to do a picnic with them. It wasn't my first picnic but I have toned down a lot with the food I bring. Now, I bring the "convenient" food like fresh fruits such as apples and also cherry tomatoes which are my absolute favorite, some store-bought bruschetta chips which was really nice, seaweed packs that I saw we have at home and just cornflakes which is the boys' favorite. I do not feel I put in a lot of effort though there was some effort to ensure there is food because I have learnt my lesson.

There were days when I forgot or thought food was not needed. My youngest son then asked for food on our way home and he would cry and cry because I did not prepare. So my eldest son said this to me, "Mummy can you please remember to bring food next time for Micah?" Hahahah. So yes, I MUST REMEMBER THE FOOD, EVEN IF THEY ARE SIMPLE FOOD!

On our way back the eldest told me, "Mummy I sure enjoy today at the park." With that, all is worth it.

The husband and I decided that we will set park visits for running and outdoor fun as part of our weekly schedule, perhaps twice a week. I like this plan. I realize outdoor to parks and not to commercial malls actually helps me to destress and recalibrate. We all need something to remind us to take things slower and breathe. Thank God for decent parks nearby. Am already looking forward for the next park visit!

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Written by   2
8 months ago
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