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Kuihs for Breakfast!!

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1 month ago
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In Southeast Asia, which Malaysia is part of, we have a huge variety of bite-sized snacks or desserts called kueh. They can be made of flour or even glutinous rice and we can eat them for breakfast, lunch, tea time or even dinner. Being in a multiracial country, we of course enjoy all kinds of *kuih* or *kueh* from all the races. It has become part of what we grow up with.

I was sending my eldest to school this morning alone. So I thought maybe I want to drop by this Chinese *kopitiam* (chinese eatery with many stalls in one place)  called Hen Kee to maybe pick up some breakfast for the family to have at home so I turned there after dropping my son off.

I used to frequent this shop because I very like one of the fish paste noodles here especially when I was pregnant. That stall no longer sells the fish paste noodle though but it still sells fish balls noodle soup.

Their owner runs a mixed rice selection which also sells snacks like kuih, nasi lemak (local rice cooked in coconut milk served with chili sambal) which I bought for my husband and he finished it so fast before I took a photo hahah, some egg tarts and pumpkin pancakes and many many more in their selection.

One of my utmost favorites has to be their chai kueh which actually means vegetable filling snacks. It is a bite- sized snack where its skin is made of flour and it is almost like translucent. There are 2 types of fillings but I chose my favorite today - chinese chives with minced meat! Very tasty and I love how it bursts with flavours.

Usually they give chilli sauce in packets too but today somehow they did not. So I took my chilli sauce at home and this brand Lingham chilli sauce especially has the "kick" and it pairs PERFECTLY with the chai kueh!

I also ordered these cute round balls dusted in flour. The skin is made of glutinous flour I believe as it has a chewy texture. The filling inside is peanut crumbs mixed with sugar so it tastes sweet. After we eat this, usually our mouth will look as if we have eaten flour. It is a bit messy but it still does not stop me from loving it.

I also bought pumpkin pancake which sometimes my mum-in-law or the children like and a radish cake for my mum-in-law.

All of the above only cost me RM12 which is about USD3.

We also love their savoury pancake with spring onion but it was not available today.

All the food were satisfying as I have not gone out to buy breakfast for a long while. Still want more of the *chai kueh* if you ask me! Have you come across any of these food or something similar?

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Written by   2
1 month ago
Topics: Food, Breakfast, Family, Love, Coffee shop, ...
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