legend of the Rocky rock stone (crocodile)

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One day on the side of Pasig River , the opposite of Guadalupe Church, the province of Rizal, lies a large rock in the water. this is what makes women laundry.

According to the old legend, a Chinese man dare to bathe in this said river . despite of warning of Guadalupe women he still bathing. He did not believe that a large crocodile appeared there and was hungry for man.

The Chinese man was enjoying a bath when suddenly a huge crocodile appeared from across the shore. the crocodile swam swiftly towards the Chinese male .

Those who see the events are helpless while the Chinese man did not know what to do out of panic and fear .

"Oh San Nicholas! please help me now , please have pity on me , please have your mercy i pray that this crocodile become a stone he shouted with a terrified tone.

every one who saw the miracle was shock when the huge crocodile become a stone, after the Chinese male shouted those words.

That news quickly spread all over in manila , then the Chinese group raised a money to build a Church opposite to the miracle scene.

they donate the proceeds of the Spaniards so that he could oversee the building of the church.

when the church came into being, they put the image of San Nicholas on the Altar. this miraculous event get celebrate yearly and some tourist came by to see it, but not only the church the big attraction too is the stone in front of it that look like a large crocodile.

This place was called the Rocky stone in commemoration of the miraculous event. up to this day people still came and standby.

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